Are we really that different from each other?  The answer is Yes. 


James White

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Feb 21, 2024

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How many different companies have you heard of selling the same Zero Trust and Microsegmentation based products?  Several software manufacturers have come up with network segmentation solutions in the last few years. You may be inclined to think they’re all essentially the same. But not so. Let me tell you how ColorTokens differs.   

Five unique points come to mind:  

  1. Superior Microsegmentation 
  1. Software Based Management 
  1. Zero Day Protection 
  1. Installation & Maintenance Services 
  1. Threat Visibility 

The key to our microsegmentation tools is not in the implementation, but rather the approach. 

1. Innovative Host-Based Microsegmentation 

Traditional Network-Based approaches use Subnets, Zones, and VLANs to segment hosts into groups.  This is an important first step and provides protection between host groups.  Unfortunately, within each group, all hosts are exposed and vulnerable to its neighbors.  When, not if, a single host is compromised, an attacker’s ability to move laterally amongst the group is relatively unhindered.   

By contrast, a Host-Based Microsegmentation approach allows each host to protect itself from its neighbors.  The method for doing this is so simple, it’s something every IT professional knows and many have simply forgotten, every host OS includes native Firewall capability.  We simply provide an easy, intuitive, way to manage these host Firewalls at scale. 

2. Simplified Rule Management 

One of the challenges organizations face with network-based segmentation is the enormous number of firewall rules. Manually managing potentially millions of rules is an enormous undertaking prone to errors and misconfigurations. ColorTokens offers a software-based solution that automates the management of host firewall rules. By letting software handle rule management, organizations can reduce the overall number of network device firewall rules, making the security infrastructure more efficient and manageable. 

3. Zero Day Protection 

Zero Day attacks are ever present, affecting everything from Healthcare and HIPPA rules to government and federal practices. Despite the variety in industries and institutions, not one of them is “special”. At the end of the day, they are all using Windows, Linux, and various other operating systems, regardless of industry. What is important is the process of combating Zero Day attacks before they get the chance to strike. Traditional signature-based approaches often fall short in detecting these attacks because they rely on known exploit signatures. With Zero Day, there are no known patterns to begin with. ColorTokens takes a proactive approach by implementing a default denial strategy. Instead of allowing the stream of potentially malicious bits to pass through, the traffic is blocked by default. This approach effectively mitigates the risk of zero-day attacks that lack identifiable signatures, enhancing the organization’s overall security posture. 

4. Managed Service Option  

While all vendors provide Professional Services to help customers get up and running, at some point, they hand over the reins to the customer or third party to manage day-to-day operations.  ColorTokens goes a step further in offering optional in-house managed services run by a team with direct access to the people who created the product and know it best. 

5. Visibility 

“You can’t segment what you can’t see” is an often-repeated phrase by everyone in the segmentation space, because it’s true.  Our management platform monitors traffic and uses it to draw a literal, near-real-time map of an environment. The map provides intuitive guidance for creating microsegmentation policies which get translated to syntax correct, host firewall rules.  Users simply click “Allow” on a traffic line and our platform generates inbound and outbound host firewall rules for all associated source and destination hosts, even if they run different operating systems.  Users create simple policies, and our software does the heavy lifting of generating hundreds if not thousands of host firewall rules.   

ColorTokens’ approach to network security represents true innovation rather than just incremental improvement. By leveraging a deep bench of expertise in a wide variety of cyber specialties, we are not only constantly learning, but ensuring that we are staying steps ahead of our competitors and threat actors.