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Designed to deliver unparalleled customer value and accelerated mutual growth by harnessing partner expertise and ColorTokens cybersecurity technology.

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Xassure Overview

Cyberattacks are growing more sophisticated and successfully bypassing signature-based security controls and traditional enterprise defenses. ColorTokens Xassure is a managed risk solution that provides prevention, detection, response, and containment services using advanced XDR and AI/ML capabilities. Xassure delivers a zero trust security approach for defending cloud workloads, data centers, and other security infrastructure, as well as remote workforces and their devices.

Xassure Security Services

Xassure leverages artificial intelligence, machine learning, behavioral analysis, and advanced security analytics to protect organizations from sophisticated and hidden threats, advanced ransomware, and file-less attacks. The Xassure solution delivers deep monitoring and analysis across networks and endpoints to provide contextual and early uncovering of stealthy APTs that typically evade standard security technologies.

Xassure augments zero trust prevention with advanced detection, response, and containment services to provide a truly comprehensive security solution for modern enterprises.

How ColorTokens Can Help

Xassure is composed of the following services designed to improve security posture while reducing operational overhead.

Zero Trust Adoption

Customized white-glove onboarding and deployment of ColorTokens Xshield for Workload Visibility and Security and Xprotect for Endpoint Protection in the customer’s environment.

  • Installation and configuration on workloads and endpoints

  • Zero trust design

  • Implementation of security policies, simulation, and enforcement

  • Product subscription for Xshield and Xprotect

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Managed Micro-Segmentation and Monitoring

Active and ongoing management of zero trust implementation with Xshield and Xprotect. Provide change management to maintain a robust security posture and to provide continuous surveillance for threats.

  • Active management of ColorTokens products

  • Change management of delivered zero trust implementation

  • Threat alerting for common and frequently occurring threats

  • Product support

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XDR-Based Advanced Threat Monitoring and Incident Response

Deep monitoring for a comprehensive set of anomalies and threats on networks and endpoints. Timely response to incidents with remediation and containment support.

  • Advanced threat detection

  • Threat investigation

  • Managed incident and breach response

  • Managed detection and response

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We chose to work with ColorTokens because of its commitment to simplifying our security operations and its minimally invasive, cloud-delivered approach to our infrastructure and team. Implementation was seamless from start to finish. This was of critical importance to us, as it allowed us to continue our customer service business without skipping a beat.



Tailored Services for Every Need

Xassure services can be purchased as part of a service pack.
These packs are designed to allow flexibility and gradual adoption.

Xassure Service Packs Xassure
Zero Trust Adoption Installation and configurations on workloads and endpoints
Micro-segmentation and endpoint security profile design and implementation
Product subscription for Xshield and Xprotect
Managed Micro-
segmentation & Monitoring
Management of Colortokens products
Manage day-to-day security operations of Colortokens products
Threat alerting of common and high frequency threats
Product support
Advanced Threat Monitoring Deep monitoring using patterns, signature, and reputation check
Custom threat alerts
Threat intelligence covering bad hash, bad ip, bad domain
Validation of threats using analysis and investigation
Managed incident response
Managed breach response for threat containment
Regular review of operations effectiveness
Detection of APTs using advanced persistent attacks framework
Breach Protection Ai/ml based detection for ransomware, data theft and hidden attacks
Behavioral based detection attacks leveraging known good process and apps
Red and blue teaming / penetration testing exercises
Regular monitoring and measurement of security posture
Periodic vulnerability assessment

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Tailored Services for Every Need

Xassure services can be purchased as part of a service pack. These packs are designed to allow flexibility and gradual adoption.
Xassure Essentials

Get started with zero trust using our expertise and Xtended ZeroTrustTM Platform.

Xassure Prime

Add additional levels of protection with advanced threat monitoring, 24X7.

Xassure Prime+

Get the most protection with ML-based breach prevention and periodic posture checks.

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The ColorTokens Xassure Advantage

Superior Technology
Expert Cybersecurity Specialists
Always On
Proven Results

ColorTokens combines its award-winning Xtended ZeroTrust™ Platform with expert security professionals to deliver unparalleled protection and experience to your organization. We leverage machine learning to process signals from 100+ real-time sources, such as threat intelligence services, vulnerability databases, and known current threats to ensure that client organizations are always protected.



Online Deals Company Selects ColorTokens to Combat Ransomware and Achieve Cyber Resilience

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Nishith Desai Associates Implements Proactive Cybersecurity with ColorTokens

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ITCube Mitigates Remote Access Risks with ColorTokens

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Xassure SET Framework

Xassure Set Framework

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