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Internal networks for enterprise often span hybrid, multi-vendor environments and are primarily flat. The distributed assets cause security and compliance concerns because sensitive corporate assets and systems could be at risk of being breached. Segmenting and isolating sensitive assets and environments can improve security posture and ensure compliance. Traditional segmentation techniques, like VLANs, are static and costly to implement in modern networks where assets are dynamic and distributed. Businesses need agile security combined with simplicity and flexibility when segmenting their distributed systems and environments across different networks.

ColorTokens’ Xshield creates flexible, dynamic zero trust secure zones around protected systems, servers, and environments with just a few clicks. The security boundary moves with the infrastructure environment, maintaining separation, reducing the attack surface, and preventing unauthorized or malicious access.

It allows customers to isolate and protect their critical systems in development, staging, and production, without impacting the underlying infrastructure.

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Secure, Compliant Isolation of
Application Environment Separation

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