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Legal and Professional Services

Leading organizations across industries depend on legal, professional services, and consulting firms for best practices and superior business outcomes. Often these service companies see a wide range of confidential client data, including key intellectual property and strategies. Threat actors view them as targets, and even as entry points to their client businesses.

As analytics, technology, and online services become integral to business models, the sensitive information that companies possess becomes more vulnerable to exposure. Even a single data breach could cause devastating financial and reputational damage.

Data protection and strong security postures are integral to legal and other professional services that work with private and proprietary information. ColorTokens’ zero trust approach provides best-in-class cybersecurity solutions that allow law firms and other professional services to be more cyber resilient and to lead their industries in implementing modern, proactive security solutions.

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ColorTokens Xtended ZeroTrustTM Platform Helps Resolve Challenging Issues

Rise in sophisticated cyberthreats to steal confidential data

Loss of billable hours and clientele due to unscheduled downtime

Growing insider threat risk from employees mistakenly or maliciously causing data breaches

Increasing compliance requirements from regulatory authorities

Ever-expanding attack surfaces, including mobile devices, cloud data storage, and legacy systems

Potential security vulnerabilities associated with client onboarding and offboarding

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