Case Studies


ITCube has secured remote employees’ machines, strengthened customer trust, and implemented proactive cybersecurity to protect company, employee, and customer data.

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Nishith Desai Associates

Nishith Desai Associates Implements Proactive Cybersecurity with ColorTokens

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Fernandez Hospital

ColorTokens Protects Heterogenous and Multicampus it Environment at Fernandez Hospital

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Compex Legal Services

ColorTokens Protects Compex by Providing Complete Visibility Into Undetected Threats

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Data Sheets

Xshield for Workload Visibility and Security

Improve your security posture with award-winning granular visibility and software-defined micro-segmentation that is unchained from your network

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Xprotect for Endpoint Protection

Learn about ColorTokens' robust signature-less approach that works at the kernel level to proactively prevent unauthorized processes running on your endpoints and critical servers

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Solution Briefs

Ransomware Prevention with ColorTokens

Learn how ColorTokens integrated solutions efficiently stop ransomware attacks by visualizing, intervening, and blocking unauthorized and malicious behavior.

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ColorTokens Security Solutions for Healthcare Organizations

The ColorTokens security platform helps healthcare organizations prevent security violations using via real-time visibility and Zero Trust-based micro-segmentation of their sensitive assets

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Protecting Airports from Known and Unknown Cyber Threats

Learn how airports can systematically equip themselves to enable proactive security against known and emerging cyber threats with ColorTokens.

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Protecting Healthcare Organizations from Internal and External Cyber Threats

Read how ColorTokens’ proactive approach towards security helps healthcare organizations secure medical records and research data from internal and external cyber threats.

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Proactive Cyber Security for the Retail Industry

ColorTokens enables retailers to take a proactive approach towards security and meet compliance and audit requirements, easing their digital transformation journey.

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Protecting Banking and Financial Institutions from Cyber Fraud

Read how ColorTokens enables banking and financial institutions to proactively secure themselves against known and emerging cyber threats.

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Technical Briefs

RBI Compliance

This solution brief outlines how banking and financial institutions can simplify their security journey through a proactive cybersecurity approach while meeting RBI compliance.

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HIPAA Compliance

With ColorTokens, healthcare organizations can meet HIPAA guidelines, limit the scope of their audits, and even accelerate the remediation of failed audits.

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PCI-DSS Compliance

Find out how ColorTokens ensures all organizations can meet PCI-DSS guidelines, limit scope of audits, and even accelerate remediation of failed audits…

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Threat Research

Cyberattacks Targeting Australian Organizations

Explore today's cyber threat landscape in Australia, and see how your organization can defend against attacks.

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Use Case Briefs

Protect Workloads from Lateral Threats In Any Public, Private Or Hybrid Deployment

Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs) circumvent enterprise security by using advanced malware. Read how protect workloads from…

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Enabling Highly-Secure Environment Separation Using ColorTokens

Find out how ColorTokens software-defined environment separation provides a paradigm shift in data center security by shifting the…

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Granular Visibility and Contextual Analytics for Your Hybrid Datacenter

Visibility is the underpinning of any cybersecurity strategy. Read how ColorTokens provides granular visibility, from network, application, workloads all the way down to the process level.

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A Platform-Independent Approach to Secure Micro-Segmentation

Enable software-defined, platform-independent application micro-segmentation in minutes with ColorTokens Unified Security Platform.

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Ensuring Security and Compliance in Hybrid Environments Using ColorTokens

Learn how ColorTokens software-defined, platform-independent solution enables enterprises to gain in-depth visibility…

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Defending Against Zero Day Malware

Discover how ColorTokens RADAR360 can safeguard your endpoints against malware and zero day attacks.

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Assess Residual Risks (Prioritize Security Tasks)

Learn how ColorTokens assesses the residual risk score of applications and helps reduce risk with micro-segmentation.

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Comprehensive Enterprise Visibility

Discover how ColorTokens provides comprehensive visilibity from the network level down to workloads and processes, even in complex hybrid cloud deployments.

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Infographic: Legal Industry Cyber Threats

The legal industry is facing thousands of cyber attacks every day. This infographic gives you a quick snapshot of the major threats faced by the legal industry.

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Micro-segmentation without internal firewalls

Learn why Software-defined micro-segmentation is the way forward to address security and operational challenges in modern day hybrid environments.

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White Papers

Secure User Access

Users are intentionally or unintentionally are responsible for almost 90% of cyber-attacks. Secure the users to protect the information.

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