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Accelerate compliance and increase cyber resiliency to stay ahead of the competition


Cybercriminals view financial services companies as high-value targets due to their online operations and the extremely sensitive customer data they handle. Traditional reactive security measures based on perimeter protection and intrusion detection are no longer effective against today’s cyberattacks. To retain client trust and confidence, financial institutions must adopt a proactive security approach to be cyber resilient, stay agile, and manage risk.

ColorTokens provides a unified and proactive zero trust approach that spans data, applications, workloads, and networks. Visibility across the network allows for faster breach detection and containment, so ransomware, APTs, and insider threats are quickly blocked by lateral movement prevention.

ColorTokens’ Xtended ZeroTrustTM Platform Helps Resolve Challenging Issues

  • A need for agile security to protect hybrid and multi-cloud environments, third-party integrations, and traditional on-premise services

  • Limited visibility across complex networks, unpatched legacy systems, and inadvertent misconfigurations

  • Multiple siloed security solutions that decrease operational efficiency

  • Undetected insider attacks that lead to financial losses, regulatory fines, and brand reputation damage

  • A growing number of compliance regulations that result in financial penalties if not met

  • Constant pressure to reduce IT operational costs while strengthening the security posture

How ColorTokens Positions Financial Services for Cybersecurity Success

Allows Granular Visibility and Operational Efficiency

Allows Granular Visibility and Operational Efficiency

Achieve a centralized view of authorized and unauthorized traffic across critical banking applications, servers, workloads, endpoints, and clouds in any multi-vendor data center environment. A web-based dashboard simplifies management and reduces the need for multiple monitoring tools.

Protects Critical Servers, ATM Kiosks, and Endpoints

Protects Critical Servers, ATM Kiosks, and Endpoints

Prevent lateral movement with fully customizable lockdown capabilities. Transactional servers, endpoints, and ATM kiosks can be made tamper resistant to known and unknown threats by enabling process-level visibility, and permitting only the known-good (or whitelisted) processes to run.

Isolates Critical Banking Applications

Isolates Critical Banking Applications

Reduce the attack surface by isolating application environments, critical assets, and core banking servers. Software-defined micro-segmentation, based on a zero trust approach, allows access to these applications only if all trust parameters are met.

Simplifies Compliance Audits

Simplifies Compliance Audits

Meet regulatory compliance requirements — FINRA, GDPR, PCI-DSS, and others — and reduce costs. Gaining granular visibility across subnets and application segments limits the audit scope of data centers and eliminates the need to analyze every access control list.

ColorTokens: Enabling the Financial Industry to Become Proactively Secure and Compliant

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Financial Industry to Become Proactively Secure and Compliant


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