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Manufacturing Technology

Secure operational technology and build cyber resilience amid IT and OT convergence


Traditionally, cybersecurity has been viewed as an information technology (IT) problem — not an operational technology (OT) concern. That’s because many OT systems were never connected to the outside world, so security attacks were internal rather than external. However, now industrial control systems (ICS) and supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems are converging with IT environments. This new landscape now exposes the manufacturing technology sector to both IT-based attacks and OT exploits, making it a target for hackers involved in terrorism, cyber warfare, and espionage.

While companies strive to maintain operational efficiency, enhance productivity, and adhere to compliance mandates, they can’t overlook cybersecurity. ColorTokens Xtended ZeroTrust™ Platform enables enterprises to protect vital OT systems by simplifying the security of complex OT environments. The platform’s versatility and intuitive UI also empower IT security staff to strengthen OT defenses — so there’s no need to learn a new, OT-specific security tool.

ColorTokens’ Xtended ZeroTrustTM Platform Helps Resolve Challenging Issues

  • Heightened safety risk for on-site employees from threat actors aiming to disrupt operations with a cyber-physical attack

  • Unplanned interruption and outages create operational inefficiencies that cascade down distribution channels and up the supply chain  

  • Loss of billable hours and clientele due to unscheduled downtime or unavailability of products

  • An ever-expanding attack surface comprised of electronic systems, cloud data storage, and an intricate network of partners

  • Tightening compliance requirements from regulatory authorities, plus high penalties in case of a breach

  • Constant pressure to provide just-in-time production in a rapidly evolving marketplace

How ColorTokens Positions Manufacturing Technology Companies for Cybersecurity Success

Minimizes the Attack Surface and Monitors for Suspicious Traffic

Minimizes the Attack Surface and Monitors for Suspicious Traffic

Get a comprehensive view of all the connections between OT and IT systems, enterprise IT network infrastructure, and the Internet. Observe real-time traffic communications between systems and components to identify risky and unnecessary paths to OT systems.

Controls Access to OT Systems with Micro-Segmentation

Controls Access to OT Systems with Micro-Segmentation

Block all traffic from systems and users not explicitly authorized to connect to an OT system. Isolate OT environments at a faster pace, without the need to manage rules on dozens of firewalls or network devices.

Allows Greater Visibility and Controls for Unseen Threats

Allows Greater Visibility and Controls for Unseen Threats

Gain deep visibility into application processes to detect advanced persistent threats on OT servers and workstations. Protect OT systems from unauthorized operations, including file-less malware and remote access trojans (RATs), with application-level process controls.

ESimplifies Compliance with Industrial IoT Security Standards

Simplifies Compliance with Industrial IoT Security Standards

Demonstrate compliance with ISA99/IEC 62443, NERCCIP, NIST, and other standards in real time. Automate report creation for incidents, suspicious processes blocked, and other activities related to attacks and breaches.

IT/OT Integration: Achieve Cybersecurity and IT Integration for OT Systems

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