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Cloud Workload Protection
for Public Cloud

A zero trust approach to securing cloud workloads to strengthen security posture

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Enterprises implementing “cloud-first” initiatives need complete visibility into and protect application workloads in their dynamic public cloud infrastructure. Compliance with industry regulations demands consistent security policies for cloud workloads. In addition, a breach could affect one of the host clouds, increasing security risks to other applications and workloads. Enterprises need cybersecurity solutions that help reduce the risk of data breaches due to unauthorized workload access within a multi-vendor public cloud environment.

Xshield delivers complete network visibility and security for enterprise workloads in a public cloud environment based on zero trust architecture. It is platform-independent and provides workload protection in minutes. Xshield reduces the attack surface, improves the overall cloud security posture, and secures dynamic workloads as they move across a multi-vendor cloud environment and data centers. Xshield enforces least-privilege zero trust policies that dynamically adapt to cloud environment architecture changes and updates, while remaining compliant.

Deploy a Unified Solution

Xshield is vendor-agnostic and can protect resources across a multi-cloud environment. Protected assets can be a cloud-hosted virtual machine, container, or instance. Xshield’s ultra-lightweight agent is deployed easily with a centralized dashboard that collects telemetry data from workloads to deliver instant visibility into risk posture and enable fast implementation of dynamic policies.


Achieve Micro-Segmentation

Micro-segmentation significantly reduces cloud workload exposure by protecting against East-West lateral attacks, residual risks, and other insider threats, a key pillar of zero trust architecture. Least-privilege security policies applied individually to every cloud workload minimize the attack surface by limiting communication to only trusted entities so they can function and provide services.

Gain Application Process Control

Process control extends the zero trust architecture from network to workload processes. Cloud workloads can lock down to allow authorized operations needed for the application to function. Any other operation, regardless of its nature, is prevented from executing within the workload.




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