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Nishith Desai Associates Implements Proactive Cybersecurity with ColorTokens

Nishith Desai Associates (NDA) is a global law firm whose clientele includes Fortune 500 companies that want to do business in India and Indian corporations that want to do business abroad. NDA’s mission to guide clients through India’s complex business regulations requires extensive research to develop an array of innovative strategies across the corporate spectrum.

NDA manages vast amounts of sensitive legal information and documents, so unauthorized access, theft, or destruction of confidential client data would be ruinous. Such a data breach would result in reputation damage and loss of client trust.

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Read our Nishith Desai Associates case study to see how ColorTokens Xshield helps to secure NDA’s


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Client information and data security is our top priority…
In this quest, we have deployed military-grade security and data integrity systems for our clients. ColorTokens has been a trusted partner. It has supported our commitment to complete client confidence and trust. With ColorTokens, we have witnessed rapid ROI with quick implementation and increased operational efficiency.

– Nishith Desai, Founder, NDA

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