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Crown Jewels Security for Hybrid Environments

Complete protection of sensitive assets in complex hybrid environments

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Enterprises migrating to the cloud have assets distributed across hybrid environments. These assets could range across a bare-metal server, an end-user computer, or a cloud-hosted virtual machine, container, or instance. Enterprises need a platform-agnostic, easy-to-deploy solution that prevents lateral movement and contains breaches in an environment with no defined perimeter.

ColorTokens Xshield’s zero trust solution is a cloud-delivered, vendor-agnostic security solution for hybrid networks that is simple to implement. It provides comprehensive visibility into network traffic and deployed assets, while preventing breaches and unauthorized East-West movement. Xshield delivers 360-degree visibility and network flow analysis identifying vulnerabilities and dependencies between applications, servers, and databases. With just a few clicks, it creates zero trust secure zones (micro-perimeters) around critical assets with least-privilege policies to enable a zero trust micro-segmentation solution.

Unified dashboard to achieve
360-degree visibility


Gain Complete Visibility

Xshield provides granular visibility into every communication between the network, applications, processes, and workloads. Its centralized dashboard collects telemetry data from all the ColorTokens managed resources. Security operators can thus achieve a comprehensive view of all traffic without using traditional technologies such as network taps or probes.


Audit Network Traffic for Compliance

The traffic lines help administrators clarify how resources communicate amongst themselves, inside or outside the enterprise boundary. Attributes help to group resources for better cross-cloud visibility and to find compliance violations. Administrators can apply portable policy templates to resources and confirm compliance violations, such as misconfigured DNS servers or unauthorized access of production servers to the public internet.

Detect Threats with Advanced Analytics

Xshield has a built-in vulnerability assessment tool, and integrations with a threat intelligence feed, that provide a multi-dimensional risk posture analysis. The robust threat analysis helps organizations stop zero-day attacks using telemetry data with powerful, filtered searches across more than 20 parameters. Customized notifications show where to focus on and reduce security vulnerabilities across a hybrid enterprise. Xshield’s residual risk metrics help enterprises strategically assign resources to safeguard high-value, highrisk assets.




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