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Crown Jewels Security for Hybrid Environments

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Enterprises migrating to the cloud have assets distributed across hybrid environments. These assets could range across a bare-metal server, an end-user computer, or a cloud-hosted virtual machine, container, or instance. Enterprises need a platform-agnostic, easy-to-deploy solution that prevents lateral movement and contains breaches in an environment with no defined perimeter.

ColorTokens Xshield’s zero trust solution is a cloud-delivered, vendor-agnostic security solution for hybrid networks that is simple to implement. It provides comprehensive visibility into network traffic and deployed assets, while preventing breaches and unauthorized East-West movement. Xshield delivers 360-degree visibility and network flow analysis identifying vulnerabilities and dependencies between applications, servers, and databases.

With just a few clicks, it creates zero trust secure zones (micro-perimeters) around critical assets with least-privilege policies to enable a zero trust micro-segmentation solution.

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