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Designed to deliver unparalleled customer value and accelerated mutual growth by harnessing partner expertise and ColorTokens cybersecurity technology.

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Effortlessly Accelerate your Zero Trust Micro-Segmentation Journey

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Deploy micro-segmentation faster with reduced downtime and disruption



Get operation-ready across an infrastructure in minutes



One-click segmentation across the enterprise using Microsoft GPO, Puppet, or a variety of other automation tools within minutes



Clone reusable security policy templates based on server roles and resource access parameters to save configuration time



Unified visibility across the multi-cloud, hybrid cloud, networks, workloads, applications, and instances through an intuitive dashboard



Enforce proactive security for workloads, users, and applications

Hardware (Network) Based Micro-Segmentation Traditional Unnecessary Complexity VMs located on the Hypervisor are not platform agnostic and do not communicate with other resources in a multi-vendor environment. The Hypervisor needs protection to follow the enterprise security policy. High Cost And Integration Challenges Capital-intensive advanced firewalls are needed to segment the network and ensure no performance degradation in data throughput. It requires creating and managing thousands of firewall rules. Multi-vendor resources may not be compatible with these firewall rules Resource-Intensive Segment using subnets, Hypervisor, and firewalls. Not scalable with a multi and hybrid cloud environment. Configuring new assets is resource-intensive and can create challenges in implementation. Gain reusable security policy templates, server roles, and resource access parameters. Create a corporate policy template to enforce faster implementation Accelerate Implementation with Automated Policy Recommendation Scalability Map business applications to server roles, security, and connection information across the multi-cloud and hybrid environment. Dynamic policy tools adapt faster to the changing IT environmen Interoperability The platform-agnostic implementation runs across bare-metal servers, end-user computers (Mac, Windows, Legacy OS), or cloud-hosted virtual machines, containers, or instances. It seamlessly integrates with identity apps, SIEM apps, and vulnerability tools Software-Defined Micro-Segmentation Xshield

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