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XDR-Based Advanced Threat Monitoring and Incident Response

Stop modern cyberattacks using ColorTokens XDR across servers, cloud workloads, endpoints, and users

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Service Overview

Xassure Advanced Threat Monitoring and Incident Response (ATM) is an extended detection and response (XDR) service providing holistic prevention, detection, and response capabilities. ATM profiles and correlates activity data across security solutions — endpoints, servers, network devices, and cloud workloads — for early threat detection, faster response, and one-click containment against advanced threats. The service is aimed at reducing the incident response time and containing the potential damage.

By combining SANS Incident Response (IR) Framework along with ColorTokens Xtended ZeroTrust™ Platform, ATM identifies attackers rapidly and disrupts, contains, and removes them from the environment.


Advanced Threat Detection

ATM correlates endpoint and network telemetry to hunt for threats. The service provides higher confidence and actionable alerts, resulting in lower alert fatigue.


Threat Investigation

ATM provides a broader investigative landscape and enriched context for faster investigation and root cause determination.

Managed Incident and Breach Response

The service’s built-in kill-switch stops attack spread and reduces threat impact. Automated response rules detect and prevent the execution of advanced malware and untrusted software. The service offers blast radius analysis and mitigation to rapidly contain a breach and future-proof the environment.


Managed Detection and Response

ATM’s certified threat hunters and investigators deliver 24X7 security coverage to identify and respond to threats in the environment.


10X faster mean time to detect, investigate, and contain threats
Fast and efficient incident response and containment
Potential damage mitigation after a security incident
Strengthened defenses against future incidents with lessons learned
Custom remediation plans to meet operational needs
One-stop solution for investigation, containment, and response

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ColorTokens Xtended ZeroTrust™ Platform


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The Definitive Guide to Zero Trust



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