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Online Deals Company Selects ColorTokens to Combat Ransomware and Achieve Cyber Resilience

This Amsterdam-based client runs an online platform that provides subscribers with lifestyle deals for hotels, food, wellness services, and workshops in 90+ locations across Belgium, Germany, and the Netherlands.

The company suffered a ransomware attack that targeted information about its business operations, as well as personally identifiable information (PII) of its customers. Wanting to minimize the data breach damage and prevent a data breach, they acted immediately in order to protect their clients’ PII and their own reputation. In addition to taking remedial action, the online deals company also realized they had to adopt a proactive cybersecurity approach to become cyber resilient.

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ColorTokens’ Xtended ZeroTrustTM Platform

Read their case study to see how ColorTokens’ just-in-time security intervention ensured business continuity and saved the customer from paying a large ransom to the cyberattackers. ColorTokens’ Xtended ZeroTrust PlatformTM now helps this client secure its:

  • User icon Customer PII
  • Laptop icon AWS servers
  • Laptop icon IT networks
  • Laptop icon Endpoints
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Compex Legal Services

ColorTokens helped us contain and eradicate ransomware effectively. The IT team deployed the solution in minutes and we immediately got visibility into our entire IT network. Our operations went online and were back to normal in no time. Their Threat Hunting capabilities provided us with deep incident analysis that helped us take timely measures to secure our networks.

– Cofounder, an Online Deals Company

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