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Designed to deliver unparalleled customer value and accelerated mutual growth by harnessing partner expertise and ColorTokens cybersecurity technology.

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Breach Protection

Leverage AI/ML and advanced threat models to uncover sophisticated, hidden attacks that evolve to bypass traditional detection and prevention mechanisms

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Service Overview

Breach Protection Service (BPS) leverages artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), data scientists, threat hunters, and incident responders to detect sophisticated and hidden threats, advanced malware, and file-less attacks.

BPS uniquely monitors, correlates, and analyzes threats across networks, endpoints, and users to provide accurate detection of threats across enterprises and cloud-based assets, as well as early detection in the cyber kill-chain.

It provides deep and continuous analysis to hunt for traditional and targeted attacks designed to evade standard security technologies.


AI/ML-Driven Breach Protection

BPS is designed to protect organizations against advanced and hidden cyberthreats that bypass traditional defenses. The service leverages threat models aligned to the MITRE ATT&CK™ framework to detect threats that can otherwise easily dodge traditional signature and pattern-based detection

The service provides an attack story that spans both network and endpoints to ensure a high rate of true positives in detecting anomalies or breaches.


Advanced Ransomware and Data Theft Protection

BPS provides protection from advanced and file-less ransomware attacks out of the box.

Machine learning-assisted behavioral analysis detects new variants of ransomware, user anomalies, and subtle data theft attempts. The service monitors for the slightest change in the way data is handled — copied, transferred, or transmitted — in or outside the network.

Managed Incident and Breach Response

BPS includes incident response across endpoints and networks for faster containment and a kill-switch feature to stop the attack spread. Automated response rules detect and prevent the execution of advanced malware and untrusted software across endpoints and servers.


Continuous Improvement and Posture Elevation

BPS includes a measurable security posture and quantified posture improvements. A well-defined success metrics program is rolled out with baselining at the beginning of the engagement.

Xassure BPS delivers improvements on each success metric through regular defense checks and vulnerability identification to mitigate observed gaps.


Protection from advanced ransomware and data theft attempts
Protection from stealthy, living-off-the-land attacks
Protection from attacks that abuse trust-based security

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