Revolutionizing Microsegmentation for Wide-Scale Adoption

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We have been on a decade-long journey entrenched in Zero Trust and microsegmentation. Our team has witnessed remarkable successes. Yet, despite its potential in fortifying breach-readiness and minimizing breach impact for organizations, widespread adoption of microsegmentation has eluded our industry. But fear not! Our quest for answers began two years ago, delving deep into the real blockers for large-scale adoption. Through close collaboration with our customers, we are proud to unleash the groundbreaking Xshield platform to push the boundaries of microsegmentation.

Redefining Microsegmentation: A Progressive Approach

Guided Workflows: Experience a tailored journey with our guided approach to segmentation.

After initial asset tagging and classification, it was clear from our customers that more direction was needed. Enter guided workflows! Empowering users with Xshield on-demand recommendations. This prioritizes next steps with a “confidence factor”. Whether it’s defining networks, deploying policies, opening ports, or allowing paths, the recommendations will tell you what to do next.

Multi-dimensional Visualization: Dive into your network with our intuitive visual interface.

Demystify asset interactions, policies, and communications across multiple dimensions. From environments to applications, warehouses to stores, factories to plants, witness the magic of multi dimensional visualization. It’s more than just a map; it’s your gateway to seamless microsegmentation implementation.

Efficiency Redefined: A Seamless Segmentation Experience

Progressive Risk Reduction: Experience immediate and continued security improvements

Traditional microsegmentation requires comprehensive information about an asset before any improvement in security can be achieved; but, unfortunately, knowledge is dispersed across application, infrastructure, network, and security teams. Xshield progressive risk reduction results in immediate security gains. The teams can work independently and improve security in their area of expertise without waiting for complete knowledge.

Real-time Metrics for Real Progress: Measure and improve.

Measure your microsegmentation improvements with real-time metrics. From reducing inbound attack surface to reducing blast radius of breaches, witness the tangible impact of our Xshield platform. Engage stakeholders with real progress updates, and watch their confidence grow!

Reliability Redefined: Ensuring Uninterrupted Operations.

Non-disruptive Implementation: Testing the waters safely.

Xshield policy impact simulation provides real-time insights into potential policy gaps. The OS firewall rule analysis inspired by software version control tools, lets you analyze differences in policy versions and deploy with confidence. This avoids disruptions and ensures a smooth deployment.

Pushing the Boundaries of Microsegmentation

A Paradigm Shift in Scale and Scope

We are experiencing the amazing evolution of microsegmentation as it transcends from just a small footprint in the data centers to cloud, OT, IoT, and user devices. With these groundbreaking Xshield capabilities we are thrilled to see customers embrace microsegmentation for completely new use cases at an unprecedented scale.

Stay tuned for our upcoming blogs, where we’ll delve deeper into how microsegmentation can revolutionize breach readiness across all fronts. The future of cyber defense has never looked more promising. Contact us to help you embark on this transformative journey!