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Mar 28, 2024

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Organizations are rapidly expanding their reach across the globe with the economic focus being aligned with developing markets, enterprise IT environments migrating from a conventional on-premise model to cloud and hybrid cloud architectures and the wave of digital transformation taking over. This has resulted in the generation of increased data in both volume and value.

However, growing data also exposes the same information to greater security risks and financially motivated hackers to exploit its value via ransomware, fraud, theft and various kinds of cyberattacks. This acts as a bottleneck for organizations looking to embrace the opportunities of digital transformation. While businesses are adopting multiple quick fix cybersecurity products to keep themselves, their customers and data protected, most of these approaches are unsuccessful in ensuring complete security as most products offered by vendors are point solutions that just create security siloes and blind spots while attending to only certain security challenges. This leads to delays in identifying and blocking potential attacks.

The security strategy of most of the organizations has not evolved as fast as their business and IT ecosystems. It has been more reactive, which has resulted in increased cyberattacks and data breaches targeting crown jewels, critical infrastructure, and operational technologies. Also, as per a recent research report, it takes 279 days to detect a breach. So it is important for organizations to adopt security strategies that contain ransomware, restrict lateral movements, etc.

Battling against highly advanced cyber threats mandates the need for a unified approach across data, application, workloads, and networks to ensure breach protection, cyber resilience, and compliance assurance.

Zero Trust Security Platform

Taking a proactive approach rather than an unsuccessful reactive approach towards cybersecurity is ColorTokens, headquartered in Santa Clara, California with R&D centers in Santa Clara, Bangalore and Hyderabad, and offices across the world. It is one of the few vendors that provide a cloud-native Zero Trust platform that offers centralized visibility breach protection at network, workload, application, process and data level.

“Organizations are spending way too much capital and manpower on reactive detection technologies. However, an increase in the number of security breaches and time is taken to detect them suggests that this huge investment is not yielding the desired results. This is primarily because you can’t protect what you can’t see. Multiple data centers, hybrid cloud architecture, and complex IT environments add to the challenge of having complete visibility into entire networks, and workloads across data centers and cloud environments. Now is the time to invest in Zero Trust security platforms that enables security professionals to get deep visibility and adopt an integrated approach to contain and proactively stop security breaches,” opines Puneet Tutliani, Vice President of Engineering at ColorTokens.

The innovative and robust Zero Trust security platform offers both agent-based and agentless approach and ensures breach protection at the Network, Hybrid Cloud, Workload, Process, Application and User Level. It protects organizations from all types of cyber-attacks, without needing siloed point security products, additional hardware, or multiple visibility tools. Organizations that are embracing AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google cloud can easily leverage ColorTokens to understand any possible misconfigurations, vulnerabilities in their cloud workloads, protect them from possible attacks.

Offering a Plethora of Benefits

The feature-rich Zero Trust security platform comprises of well thought out four products developed to set it apart from any other offerings available in the market. While most organizations are shifting from a traditional on-premise model to hybrid cloud architectures with a mix of platforms and application deployment models to achieve greater business agility and reduce infrastructure costs, it is also creating a larger and more complex security attack surface. This makes the east-west traffic vulnerable to attacks with cybercriminals directing their focus towards breaching the network edge and gaining a strong foothold inside the infrastructure.

Visualize Everything, Eliminate Blindspots

The implementation of ColorTokens’ XShield offers real-time visibility of all assets across the enterprise including applications, endpoints and workloads on a single dashboard thus giving a more holistic view. It provides a consolidated zero-trust view into network and workloads including allowed, authorized and blocked network flows, uncover unwarranted open ports and misconfigurations, vulnerability information across all assets. Combined with policy simulation, security teams can identify and fine-tune solutions before enforcing them, to significantly reduce their overall attack surface.

“ColorTokens’ XShield provides security teams with full visibility of applications, endpoints, and workloads, help understand the attack surface, potential risks, and vulnerabilities that can compromise the assets even if they’re distributed across data centers and hybrid cloud environments. It helps organizations to improve efficiency and responsiveness of their SOC teams, avoid compliance violations and fines” explains Puneet.

Protect Workloads & Reduce the Attack Surface

ColorTokens’ XShield for Microsegmentation & Cloud Workload Protection provides real-time intelligence on all workloads across data centers and hybrid-cloud environments, allows security teams to monitor lateral traffic, analyze threats & vulnerabilities, isolate workloads, reduce attack surface through microsegmentation. It helps security teams to easily define security policies rather than spending time and effort on VLANs and ACLs and will be automatically enforced on workloads.

The dynamic nature of the policy engine ensures that the policies are automatically enforced even if there are new workloads in the system or it moves across on-premise and hybrid cloud environments. Zero Trust Network Access capability enables the definition and enforcement of security policies at a user, role, department-level regardless of the geolocation allowing security professionals to gain granular visibility into unauthorized access, anomalous and malicious user behavior.

Positive Security for Endpoints

With organizational branches and its workforce spread across the globe demanding access to critical data and applications hosted on-premise or in the cloud, these users pose a significant challenge to the security of this data. Traditional signature-based AV and EDR tools cannot provide holistic awareness into user, application and process behavior. ColorTokens’ XProtect for endpoint protection has been designed to counter these challenges. It provides enterprises with a robust signature-less approach that works at the kernel level to block unauthorized processes on endpoints, servers, and legacy / fixed-function systems. It scrutinizes all endpoints with intelligent algorithms for in-depth analyses into every running process— as well as files present in the machine.

With whitelisted and/or blacklisted processes, combined with contextual behavior analysis, all suspicious activities are proactively stopped. The solution takes a proactive approach in protecting your critical endpoint/ servers from zero-day attacks, advanced malware, and APT lateral threats, in minutes. “Once deployed, one can easily discover and inventory all endpoints, gain real-time visibility on the security posture of any endpoint, automatically lock down endpoints using a multi-layered security approach and proactively mitigate threats with threat intelligence and hunting services from cybersecurity experts,” adds Puneet.

Securing the Applications from Vulnerabilities

Lastly, ColorTokens’ XSecure for Application Security provides end-to-end visibility into application behavior and runtime protection. It proffers out of the box protection against OWASP top 10 attacks, analyzes application components to provide a real-time view of vulnerabilities with open source components. Xsecure automatically identifies the crown jewels of your application that where your sensitive data is, and who is accessing what data and where the user is coming from. It identifies what components are being used in your application and what you need to protect or keep an eye on. The solution provides you a substantial amount of information with end-to-end visibility regarding your infra components and about the data flowing in your application. It automatically exfiltrates the data in your application. It shows an API level illumination with top users coming from which input API and landing to what data destinations in your application.

“ColorTokens provides the only cloud-native Zero Trust security platform that enables unparalleled visibility, microsegmentation agility, multi-layered endpoint protection, application security.”

“Businesses are embracing digitization to fuel their business expansion due to which the data and the devices are sitting in multiple places – on-premise, cloud, and hybrid – paving the way to more exposure to cybersecurity-related risks. ColorTokens provides the only cloud-native Zero Trust security platform that enables unparalleled visibility, microsegmentation agility, multi-layered endpoint protection, and application security. It helps organizations across industries to uncover security gaps, secure workloads, and applications from internal and external threats and protect endpoints from breaches, malware, ransomware, and zero-day attacks,” says Ravi Purohit, Vice President and India Head at ColorTokens when enquired about how he perceives the current market and the positioning of his company.

Gaining Global Recognition

Commanding a significant market presence and having catered to a broad spectrum of well-renowned clientele to help eliminate significant security breaches, ColorTokens has been recognized and awarded for its contributions in this sector. One of the prestigious awards received was the Excellent Solution for Critical Infrastructure Protection award at the 1st National Cyber Security Summit and Awards organized by CMAI Association of India and the National Cyber Security Association (NCSA). Having gained a strong foothold in this sector, the company envisions continuing to strive always staying a step ahead of the various advancing cyber threats.