Positive Security for Your Endpoints


Get the Best Return on Investment with Xprotect’s Positive Security Model

Avoid Alert Fatigues, and Free Critical SOC Resources

  • Reduce time and effort spent investigating false positives

  • Leverage whitelisting, blacklisting, and configurable security rules to achieve proactive security

  • Centrally deploy and manage agents across thousands of endpoints in minutes and with minimal configuration efforts

Protect Heterogeneous endpoints With Unified Solution

  • Adopt different levels of security based on the type and purpose of endpoints

  • Protect ATM kiosks, point of sale systems, medical devices, and general-purpose systems

  • Securely lock down legacy desktops and servers that run unpatched software

Invisible Deployment for Your Non-Stop Business

  • Zero impact on running processes, no reboot or update required

  • Continuous protection through lightweight, self-contained agents, even if endpoints are offline

  • Proactive threat hunting and managed services for round-the-clock protection


Deep Visibility, Analytics, and Protection

  • Get instant visibility across all endpoints, applications, processes, and threats

  • Benefit from embedded threat intelligence and process-level trust scores to analyze and validate every running process and file

  • Visualize the chain of events and investigate threat behavior to lock down specific systems and contain lateral threats

protect Deep visibility, analysis and protection
Xprotect Multi-layered security

Multi-Layered Security To Lock Down Endpoints

  • Implement process whitelisting and blacklisting to either allow only legitimate processes or block all bad processes

  • Control parent-child process relationships to prevent zero-day exploits and unusual process behaviors such as network or file access

  • Prevent unauthorized software execution, even from users with escalated privileges

File Protection and USB Device Access Control

  • Protect files by associating them with specific process or applications, instead of being associated with the user

  • Define granular-level security controls to restrict access to USB

Xprotect protect files
Xprotect persistent protection

Persistent Offline Protection

  • Security controls and rules are enforced based on the most recent update, even when endpoints are offline

  • Agents and security metrics are updated automatically when endpoints are back online

Data Sheet

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Download Xprotect Data Sheet



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