ColorTokens Wins 5 Awards at the 2020 Cybersecurity Excellence Awards

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After sweeping the Cyber Defense Magazine awards in February 2019, we’re excited to kick start 2020 with five Cybersecurity Excellence Awards across multiple product categories. With over 380 nominations from vendors across the world, including some of the leading players in the market, we are honored to have won these awards validating our belief in creating products that will decide the future of cyber security.

Awards Won by ColorTokens:

  • Microsegmentation – Gold winner
  • Application Security – Silver winner
  • Cloud Security – Silver winner
  • Endpoint Security – Silver winner
  • Zero Trust Security – Silver winner

The Cybersecurity Excellence Awards is an annual competition honoring individuals and companies that demonstrate excellence, innovation and leadership in information security. The finalists are selected based on two main criteria:

1. The strength of the nomination (demonstrated leadership, excellence and results in cybersecurity, depending on the specific category and the supporting information provided)

2. The popular votes and comments received from the cybersecurity community.

The award winners are determined by the strength of the nomination and the provided information. The popular vote is only considered if two or more nomination are tied for an award.

Receiving the Gold Winner Award for Microsegmentation and 4 Silver Winner Awards is a testimony to our products’ ability to break through the clutter of cyber security products in the market and stand out for their ability to provide solutions that address the modern security challenges faced by businesses today. This win is a classic example of a great product that the ColorTokens engineering team is building and the consistent effort by marketing and products team to communicate the value of these products to a larger audience.

The year 2020 has begun on a celebratory note and we are focused on continuing this momentum through the year. With a stronger and bigger team globally, ColorTokens forges ahead in cementing its position as a global leader in cyber security.

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