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Secure Remote Access to Applications

Digital transformation efforts have led to most enterprises having applications, services and data distributed across data centers and public cloud. Traditional network-centric approaches such as VPNs for remote access are ill-suited for new business scenarios where there are more applications and data outside the network than inside. Further, VPNs deliver wide open access to all applications inside the network, vastly increasing the potential for lateral movement and breaches. VPNs cannot enforce per-application access based on identity, thereby exposing large attack surfaces to malicious actors.

ColorTokens Xaccess enables Zero Trust-based application-centric access for enterprises, avoiding the security risks associated with network-centric access.

Xaccess offers higher security, lower complexity, and an enhanced user experience for today’s business scenarios that cannot be addressed by VPNs.

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Learn more about how to defend against advanced cyber attacks with a Zero Trust architecture

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Read the Gartner report to learn more about how you can implement Zero Trust protection throughout your network.

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