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Secure Remote Access to Applications

Secure, direct user access to enterprise applications in hybrid environments


Digital transformation efforts have led to most enterprises having applications, services and data distributed across data centers and public cloud. Traditional network-centric approaches such as VPNs for remote access are ill-suited for new business scenarios where there are more applications and data outside the network than inside. Further, VPNs deliver wide open access to all applications inside the network, vastly increasing the potential for lateral movement and breaches. VPNs cannot enforce per-application access based on identity, thereby exposing large attack surfaces to malicious actors.

ColorTokens Xaccess enables Zero Trust-based application-centric access for enterprises, avoiding the security risks associated with network-centric access. Xaccess offers higher security, lower complexity, and an enhanced user experience for today’s business scenarios that cannot be addressed by VPNs.

Identity-based secure remote access

Xaccess provides Zero Trust-based (Never Trust, Always Verify) secure remote access to specific applications even on the same network segments. The connection is allowed only after authenticating the user’s identity and verifying the device security posture. Users are only permitted to access the applications that they are authorized to access, based on least privilege policies. With Xaccess, applications are never exposed to the internet and are hidden from bad actors and unauthorized users.


Seamless user experience

Unlike traditional VPNs that are complex to administer and provide a poor user experience, Xaccess provides significant benefits in user experience, agility, adaptability and ease of policy management. Cloud-based Xaccess places the security controls where the users and applications are - in the cloud. For cloud or on-premises applications the same granular access control is enforced with the same interface, making the user experience seamless and effortless, regardless of the location, network and application being accessed. This normalizes the user experience – on-prem or off-prem.

Cloud-based ease of adoption

100% cloud-delivered and SaaS-based, Xaccess delivers scalability, low latency and low complexity. Deployed in minutes and simple to manage, the benefits of Xaccess are immediate. There is no VPN or appliance required, and no changes to firewall or network configurations. Users can access specific applications for which they authorized and are automatically connected to applications after successful authentication.




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