Webinar:A Discussion of Cybersecurity Trends & Predictions for 2024

Experience a comprehensive discussion on cybersecurity trends and predictions for 2024 with our recorded webinar. Enjoy the insightful fireside chat featuring Heath Mullins, Senior Analyst at Forrester, Agnidipta Sarkar, former CISO of the Biocon Group, and Jay Hussein, Chief Customer Officer of ColorTokens. Delve into the exploration of emerging issues, gaining valuable insights into the evolving landscape of cybersecurity.

Discussion Topics:

  • The evolution of Digital Resilience to build digital immunity at an enterprise scale.
  • ​Critical Computing Infrastructure will be under increased threat due to geo-political factors.
  • How Cyber attackers will be leveraging AI to execute new attack models.
  • How microsegmentation will be a foundational element of cyber defense.



Heath Mullins

Senior Analyst, Forrester


Heath is a senior analyst at Forrester, advising security and risk (S&R) professionals and government agencies about cybersecurity topics like building resilient infrastructure, preventing threats, and implementing Zero Trust. His research focuses on US government cybersecurity strategy, network analysis and visibility (NAV), secure web gateway (SWG), deception technology, deception technology, and Zero Trust edge (ZTE).


Agnidipta Sarkar

VP, CISO Advisory, ColorTokens


Agnidipta Sarkar comes to ColorTokens from Biocon where he was Global CISO for the Biocon Group. He is a passionate Digital Resilience, Cyber Crisis Management and Zero Trust evangelist and has been a pragmatic speaker known for sharing his practical experiences on multiple international platforms like Gartner, IDC, Foundry, the Millenium Alliance, BCI and iSMG. His experience spans over 32 years and has worked for HP/HPE/DXC, HCL and Wipro in various global roles both in India and the US. He has substantial experience in risk optimization, cyber security, business continuity, data privacy and data protection and is part of multiple standards bodies like ISO, NIST and Cloud Security Alliance.


Jay Hussein


Jay has spent the last 25 years being unapologetically dedicated to customers with a career that spans multiple security, networking, and automation start-ups as well as public companies including Morgan Stanley, Level 3, and SS&C. Jay has a long history of bringing together Customer Success, Professional Services, and Customer Support into a highly functional and successful Customer Office, driving values for the customer. He strives to lay the foundation for creating a driven, happy, and high-performing team – the key to delighted customers and organization success. Jay earned his PhD in Philosophy and MBA accreditation from Harvard Business School.