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Xcloud – In Just Minutes, Find and Fix Your Deepest Risks in Your AWS Cloud


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We know that migration to the cloud is complex.
But securing it shouldn't.

If you're among the majority of enterprises that have or are migrating to AWS, congratulations for creating a modern-day architecture for your company. Aside from speed and scalability, many benefits can be recognized by using the AWS cloud platform including increased innovation, competitive advantages, ease of use and cost savings.

But, the migration job doesn't end once all of your workloads are in the cloud. You need to evaluate if the migration was successful, optimize costs and efficiently refactor your applications. And most importantly, you need to ensure that you've identified any elusive risks, vulnerabilities, and malware along with ensuring compliance.

Security for cloud platforms is very different from traditional platforms, and migration provides an opportunity to review the capabilities available and take advantage where possible.

That's where Xcloud comes in – to ensure your AWS cloud is safe, compliant and your deepest vulnerabilities are identified and fixed fast.

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I have set up a few of these including Wazuh, CloudSploit, and Aqua CSPM. This was the easiest and quickest set up yet. The entire process was less than 5 minutes, and I was seeing actionable findings in the Xcloud dashboard. That was pretty awesome!


Information Security Manager

Large US School District

Very easy and straightforward sign up and onboarding!


Founder at BetterCyber Consulting

Hey Farook, I just onboarded Xcloud, and we now have PCI and CIS compliance reports done! This will also be very useful for Tx-RAMP certification that we are targeting.


Security Head at a US firm managing multi-cloud infrastructure

Xcloud's automated, and agentless technology lets you onboard
fast to find and fix your deepest risks in just minutes.

Xcloud offers comprehensive cloud security, including vulnerability management, CSPM, malware detection, and compliance in one platform. Xcloud takes your cloud security to the next level, picking up where other solutions leave off.

Combined with ColorTokens' Xtended ZeroTrust™ platform, you can protect your environment end-to-end with a simple accelerated and automated micro-segmentation and Zero Trust solution.

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Benefits of Xcloud for AWS

Comprehensive security coverage for your infrastructure and applications that includes:

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    Cloud Security Posture Management (CSPM)

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    OS compliance with STIG, SSG, and other benchmarks

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    Over 80 IT standards and 46,000 built-in configuration checklists

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    360° visibility

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    Continuous compliance

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    Prevent supply chain attacks

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    Fast onboarding

Xcloud's Unique Features

360° Visibility, One Dashboard

  • Visualize via one dashboard

  • Prioritize and remediate risks in minutes

  • Save time with actionable insights


  • Surface undetected threats with patented deep scanning technology

  • Scan cloud services continuously for misconfigurations

  • Find vulnerabilities using agentless technologies in virtual machines, containers, and AMI

  • Combine threat intelligence and dark web monitoring using “must fix” prioritization


  • Correlate supply chain attacks

  • Scan dependencies in containers and VMs

  • Evaluate applications deployed in WARR, EAR, JAR, JS files

  • Deploy applications using third-party libraries and open-source software


  • Receive continuous, near real-time updates from the NVD database

  • Detect and synchronize faster against the latest vulnerabilities

  • Identify and remediate new threats proactively

Faster Onboarding

  • Simplify configuration with agentless technology

  • Protect without disruption to workloads, apps, devices, and users

  • Save costs with zero infrastructure overhead

The Xcloud, A Difference You Can Trust


Xcloud, a comprehensive AWS cloud security solution, was created by the ColorTokens team, a leading microsegmentation and Zero Trust cybersecurity company. Xcloud was designed to go above and beyond where other cloud security solutions leave off.

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