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I have set up a few of these including Wazuh, CloudSploit, and Aqua CSPM. This was the easiest and quickest set up yet. The entire process was less than 5 minutes, and I was seeing actionable findings in the Xcloud dashboard. That was pretty awesome!

- Ken, Information Security Manager for a Large US School District


Very easy and straightforward sign up and onboarding!

- Luciana, Founder at BetterCyber Consulting


Hey Farook, I just onboarded Xcloud, and we now have PCI and CIS compliance reports done! This will also be very useful for Tx-RAMP certification that we are targeting.

- Ashish, Security Head at a US firm managing multi-cloud infrastructure

Fast onboarding

Fast onboarding

Continuous compliance

Continuous compliance

360° visibility

360° visibility


Prevent supply chain attacks


Real-time threat intelligence


Proactive protection against new threats

Cloud Security For Scale

Xcloud architecture

Comprehensive security coverage

OS compliance with stig

OS compliance with STIG, SSG, and other benchmarks

IT Standard

Comprehensive security coverage for your infrastructure and applications

Comprehensive Security

Over 80 IT standards and 46,000 built-in configuration checklists


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Xcloud Security platform capabilities

Xcloud offers comprehensive cloud security, including vulnerability management, CSPM, malware detection, and compliance in one platform. Xcloud takes your cloud security to the next level, picking up where other solutions leave off. Combined with ColorTokens’ Xtended ZeroTrustTM platform, an enterprise can protect their environment end-to-end with a simple accelerated and automated micro-segmentation and Zero Trust solution.


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