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ColorTokens Announces Partnership with Armadillo, Delivers Unparalleled Security Solutions to Customers in the United Kingdom

ColorTokens Inc., a leading innovator in zero trust-based cybersecurity solutions, announced the launch of a strategic partnership with Armadillo to deliver its security solutions across the UK.

Armadillo, a leading UK-based cybersecurity Managed Service Provider, has already deployed the award-winning ColorTokens Spectrum Platform across its network. And with this partnership, Armadillo will make the products that comprise the Spectrum Platform (Xshield for Visibility and Micro-Segmentation and Xprotect for Endpoint Protection) available to its customers, who will immediately benefit from:

  • Instant, full visibility of networks, applications, endpoints, and workloads
  • Zero-disruption micro-segmentation with automated and dynamic policy enforcement
  • Proactive endpoint protection with a novel cloud-delivered approach that only allows company-sanctioned applications

“Like many of our clients, our internal network has grown more complex over time, and changes can take a long time to plan. ColorTokens gives us the ability to ‘see’ our network visually, grouping common assets together logically by function or risk level rather than by IP addresses. The reporting and policy features give us peace of mind that flows between our internal and customer networks are secure, and auditing these visually provides continuous security,” said Rob O’Connor, Armadillo Chief Technology Officer. “ColorTokens’ cloud-based delivery, and a solid roadmap to support containers and microservices gives us the confidence that not only does the solution fulfil current needs, but it will also support our ongoing move towards cloud services without holding us back from leveraging new technologies.”

David Matthews, ColorTokens’ Vice President, Sales EMEA & APAC adds: “We are pleased to join forces with Armadillo, which is one of the UK’s most experienced cybersecurity specialists. Our continued growth in the UK highlights the fact that ColorTokens is radically changing the way businesses approach cybersecurity, and we look forward to working closely with Armadillo as the UK will remain key to our growth in 2020."

“Armadillo has consistently proven its value through incredible technical expertise, service capabilities, and a seamless level of support. We’re excited to work closely with our new valued partner, Armadillo, and look forward to delivering the immediate benefits of the ColorTokens Spectrum Platform to its customers,” adds Lee Ealey-Newman, ColorTokens Vice President, Channel EMEA & APAC.

“Armadillo’s decision to partner with ColorTokens was driven by its need for innovative security solutions that can provide streamlined, proactive protection to our customer base so that we can continue to equip our customers with the best technology,” said Kevin Wright, Armadillo Director of Sales.

Please join ColorTokens and Armadillo experts on July 28th at 11:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. BST for a webinar to learn how greater visibility unleashes the full potential of micro-segmentation, along with a live-in-action demonstration of this award-winning approach. Register here to attend this session.

About ColorTokens
ColorTokens Inc., a leader in cloud-delivered zero-trust security, empowers global enterprises with a proactive approach to securing cloud workloads, dynamic applications, endpoints, and users. Through its award-winning Spectrum Platform, ColorTokens delivers products and services that help businesses accurately assess and drastically improve their security posture. For more information, please visit

About Armadillo
Armadillo is a new breed of cyber security practice. We focus on enabling businesses to conduct their business in confidence, without fear of security attack and without compromising how they operate. We go beyond cybersecurity to build cyber resilience that works in tune with your business, preventing downtime and loss of revenue, protecting reputation and enabling you to stay focused on achieving business outcomes. We consult on resilient cyber security that improves your ability to detect, withstand and respond to security attacks. We provide three practice areas offering cyber security advisory, managed security services and advanced technologies. We enable businesses to define, deliver and maintain a robust, pragmatic and compliant cybersecurity programme through flexible security solutions and expert advice on emerging technologies that help you to get ahead of attacker innovations.

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