Xprotect Customer Benefits

Maximize ROI with a zero trust security model

Avoid Alert Fatigue, and Free Critical SOC Resources

  • Simplify search and analysis of security incidents with Fast Query Language (FQL) to drastically reduce investigation time and effort

  • Leverage application allowlisting to block known bad behaviors and allow only known good behaviors

  • Deploy and manage ultra-lightweight agents across thousands of endpoints in minutes and with minimal configuration efforts


Protect Heterogeneous Endpoints with a Unified Solution

  • Adopt different levels of security based on the type and purpose of endpoints: servers, cloud workloads, and more

  • Protect fixed-function devices such as point-of-sale systems, ATMs, check-in kiosks, and others

  • Securely lock down legacy desktops and servers that run unpatched software

Deploy Seamlessly to Ensure Business Continuity

  • Enjoy zero impact on running processes; no reboots or updates required

  • Achieve continuous protection through ultra-lightweight, self-contained agents, even if endpoints are offline

  • Get proactive threat hunting and managed services for round-the-clock protection


How Xprotect Works


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Securing Point-of-Sale Systems: Ensuring Business Continuity for Retailers

Securing Point-of-Sale Systems: Ensuring Business Continuity for Retailers


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