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ColorTokens and Zinfinity Partner to Address Key Challenges Organizations Face During Cyberattacks


Partnership to Tackle Top Cybersecurity Priority: Preventing Damage When Bad Actors Get In

ColorTokens Inc., a leading innovator of the autonomous Zero Trust cybersecurity solutions, today announced that it has partnered with Zinfinity, a global provider of technology solutions and services, to address the number one need in security–how to prevent damage when cyberattackers undoubtedly get in.

Regardless of the industry, cyber security must be top of mind for all organizations and business leaders. As an industry leader, Zinfinity enables their customers to create agile, flexible, efficient and secure technology platforms.

“At Zinfinity, we realized we must add a zero trust and microsegmentation leader to our portfolio of solutions and sought to find a market disruptor with exceptional solutions. We are very excited to join forces with ColorTokens to provide secure solutions that protect our clients’ data,” said Joe Barrett, CEO at Zinfinity. “Security is at the forefront of our go-to-market strategy and we are pleased to partner with ColorTokens as they continue to innovate and lead the microsegmentation market.”

Through its award-winning solutions, ColorTokens simplifies, accelerates and automates security operations to defend against attacks on data centers, hybrid models, cloud-based applications, dynamic applications, endpoints, individual users, devices and more. This preparation is crucial, as organizations should always be ready for how they will plan to respond when they face the next cyberattack. Zinfinity knows that all organizations are at risk of cyberattacks, so it is crucial that they are familiar with the necessary steps to take when an attack does occur, in order to limit the damage and secure their organizations.

“You can’t rely simply on perimeter security to stop a breach,” said Mukesh Singh, Vice President of Sales, Americas at ColorTokens. “ColorTokens brings visibility into cyberattacks targeting the end-point, perimeter or the cloud, attempting to navigate the network undetected. Simplicity and ease of use offered by ColorTokens enable Zinfinity to deliver an improved security posture to their customers. This is crucial as cyberattacks continue to occur at a rapidly increasing pace. We’re looking forward to delivering our solutions to new markets and keeping security a top priority in all aspects of the technological world.”

About Zinfinity Zinfinity is a global provider of technology solutions and services with a focus on Cyber Security, Cloud and Digital Infrastructure. Zinfinity is redefining the approach and engagement model by understanding business needs and designing outcomes that leverage world class solutions. Zinfinity utilizes the power of technology to transform our customers’ vision into reality, enabling them to focus on what truly matters, their business. We are committed to delivering exceptional business outcomes backed by unparalleled service and support. For more information, please visit: https://www.zinfinity.tech/.

About ColorTokens ColorTokens Inc. is a leading innovator in SaaS-based Zero Trust cybersecurity solutions that provides global enterprises with a unique set of products and services for securing applications, data, and users across cloud and hybrid environments. Through its award-winning Xtended ZeroTrust™ Platform and context-aware machine learning-powered technologies, ColorTokens helps businesses accurately assess and improve their security posture dynamically.

As cloud adoption grows, traditional perimeters get redefined, and new attack vectors and threat actors materialize, corporations recognize their security posture needs to reflect their Zero Trust philosophy. ColorTokens’ technology allows customers to achieve Zero Trust by using rich, meaningful contextual information about the application, microservice, or protected resource, so customers can apply Zero Trust with as secure of a perimeter as they can. ColorTokens’ cloud-based SaaS platform can automatically deploy next-generation security controls and increase security posture dynamically without any new hardware, downtime, reboots, or changes to a client’s existing systems.

For more information, please visit www.colortokens.com.

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