for Visibility

Uncover security gaps with deep visibility into networks, clouds, and workloads

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for Cloud Workload Protection

Secure workloads against internal and external threats with software-defined micro-segmentation and user access control

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for Endpoint Protection

Proactively lockdown your endpoints from breaches, malware, ransomware and zero-day attacks with a novel cloud delivered security solution.

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The ColorTokens

Xtended Zero Trust Platform

  • Zero Trust
  • Zero Complexity
  • Zero Compromise

Built from the ground up for zero trust, the ColorTokens cloud-delivered platform offers a new-generation of proactive security that simplifies and streamlines protection and compliance for cloud workloads, applications, and endpoints.


Micro-segment and create ZeroTrust ZoneTM to contain breaches

Every asset on your network can be seen leveraging the ColorTokens’ Security Platform (CTSP). ColorTokens can deliver 100% visibility and subsequently micro-segment any or all workloads to ensure your most critical assets are protected.

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Protect your enterprise cloud and on-premises data centers from targeted attacks

Every company is in one of two camps. You have either been hacked or you are about to be hacked.” Given that perspective, would you not want to ensure your most critical assets are micro-segmented and remain invisible during a breach? ColorTokens has delivered an enterprise-grade platform that will be instrumental in making sure that your “crown jewels” remain yours.

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Proactively assess, create, report and mitigate risks. Meet compliance mandates with ease.

By implementing ColorTokens’ CTSP platform, and leveraging Xview, ColorTokens visibility solution, customers can incorporate visual mapping into their monthly/quarterly/annual reporting in order to demonstrate real-time workload compliance.

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