X-Ray Visibility

See any workload, user, network – any cloud, any datacenter
Visualize security impact – even before the breach
No lift & shift upgrades nor network changes required

Secure Micro-Segmentation

Instant, uniform enforcement across clouds and workloads
Provable forensics and audit trails
Visual policy creation – see it – set it – secure it

Supply Chain - Secured

Simplifying provisioning and securing remote user access
Extend secure micro-segmentation to supply chain infrastructure
Protect access for employees, contractors, and vendors

ColorTokens increases IT productivity and reduces security gaps.

Easy to deploy, without lift & shift upgrades, across any platform.

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X-Ray Visibility

Visualize all your resources in one place – any workload, any cloud.

Secure Micro-Segmentation

Leverage zero trust models for micro-segmentation your network – securely.

Stop APT lateral threats

Mitigate threats – even in your datacenter or cloud workloads.

Remove Air GAPS

Separate environments quickly – production, dev, PCI, HIPAA, GDPR, and more.

Secure Hybrid Networks

One policy that follows your workloads – across any cloud platform.

Predict Breach Impacts

Visualize how attacks can affect your resources – find the weak points fast.

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