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Designed to deliver unparalleled customer value and accelerated mutual growth by harnessing partner expertise and ColorTokens cybersecurity technology.

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Gartner® Report - Market Guide for Microsegmentation

This Gartner® Market Guide on Microsegmentation highlights today's important key findings when it comes to the security and risk management and recommendations that SRM leaders responsible for infrastructure security should follow.

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tony scott

“The best defense against modern attacks is zero trust implementation.” That’s the reason Tony Scott joined ColorTokens as a board member.

Tony Scott

The third Federal CIO (2015-2018) of the United States Government in the nation’s history.

One Integrated Platform

Zero Trust protection across distributed endpoints, users, and workloads

unified architecture
unified architecture

Cloud-Delivered Infrastructure-Agnostic Value in Minutes

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Protection for your Entire Organization Across On-premises and Cloud


Zero Trust Segmentation

Prevent lateral movement. Contain breaches.

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Zero Trust Access

Secure remote access. Eliminate VPNs.

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Zero Trust Endpoints

Control application behavior. Harden endpoints.

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Zero Risk Cloud

Visibility into highest risks Remediate fast

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Cyber Risk Quantification

Assess cyberexposure in financial terms using insurance standards.

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Zero Trust as a Service

Deploy Zero Trust controls through security experts.

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Reduction in compliance costs


Reduction in security alerts


Faster deployment

It’s time for a new approach to Zero Trust

Our cloud-delivered, seamlessly integrated Zero Trust platform lets customers spend less time on cybersecurity and more time on what they do best.

Trusted by Leading Organizations Worldwide


IDC believes that a cloud-delivered, infrastructure-agnostic platform design used by ColorTokens provides a worthy blueprint for accelerated implementation for organizations in their Zero Trust journey.

- Michael Suby, Research Vice President of Security and Trust, IDC

ColorTokens secured our full computing infrastructure. With one console, we gained broad and deep visibility of our access, full context awareness, and the ability to tie user access to specific application segments. This would have been nearly impossible to achieve with a VPN or single tool for each environment approach.

- Martin Cherry, Managing Director, Banntech UK

ColorTokens can provide immense value via their Zero Trust cybersecurity solutions that can be deployed quickly without any business disruption and without any changes to existing infrastructure.

- Josh Hannes, VP Wyoming Hospital Association

ColorTokens made the entire process hassle-free for us with zero disruption and zero downtime. We have been amazed by how easy the product is to use...we can rest assured knowing that ColorTokens is watching our backs 24x7 against multi-faceted and aggressive cyberthreats.

- Nishith Desai Associates

We were looking to adopt a modern, more secure cybersecurity strategy which is efficient for the challenges of today’s world. Just as important was a security solution that does not cause any downtime.

- Jesper Schrøder, Production Manager, TN Tools

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