Protect Your Critical Assets With Unparalleled Visibility and Segmentation Agility

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The Colortokens Security Platform

The ColorTokens

Xtended Zero Trust Platform

for workload Visibility

Uncover security gaps with deep visibility into networks, clouds, applications, and endpoints

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for Cloud Workload Protection

Secure workloads against internal and external threats with software-defined micro-segmentation and user access control

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for Endpoint Protection

Fortify endpoints, sensitive data servers, and legacy/fixed-function systems through kernel-level lockdown

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ColorTokens CEO: Cybersecurity and COVID-19

The shift to remote work during the coronavirus pandemic has created new cybersecurity challenges for businesses around the world. We want to do our part to help during these difficult times.

The ColorTokens

Xtended Zero

  • Zero Trust
  • Zero Complexity
  • Zero Compromise

Built from the ground up for zero trust, ColorTokens' cloud-delivered platform offers a new generation of proactive security that simplifies and streamlines protection and compliance for cloud workloads, applications, and endpoints.

Prevent Data Breaches

Micro-segment and create ZeroTrust ZonesTM to contain breaches

Get 100% visibility into every asset on your network with the ColorTokens Xtended ZeroTrust Platform (CTSP). Micro-segment any and all workloads to ensure your most critical assets are protected.

Defend Against Cyber Threats

Protect your enterprise cloud and on-premises data centers from targeted attacks

Today's increasingly complex digital world demands security solutions that are up to the challenge. But too often, traditional, network-centric security tools can't provide full protection across cloud workloads. That's why we built the ColorTokens Xtended ZeroTrust Platform: to protect cloud workloads from sophisticated attacks and keep your most valuable assets safe and sound.

Simplify Compliance

Proactively assess, create, report, and mitigate risks. Meet compliance mandates with ease.

Prove compliance with HIPAA, PCI-DSS, and other standards with the ColorTokens Xtended Zero Trust Platform. Based on a zero-trust architecture, CTSP gives you the tools you need to see, stop, and predict security and compliance violations across any workload, any deployment, and any user.

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