Is your application compromised by Log4j vulnerability?

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What is Log4j vulnerability?

Log4j is a critical open-source logging tool that helps developers keep a log of the system or applications found in most software libraries. across the internet. An engineer at Alibaba’s cloud security team discovered the Log4j vulnerability, also known as Log4Shell, in Dec 2021. Unpatched systems are vulnerable to attackers who can steal personal information, including login and passwords, and infect networks with malicious software. 


Why it matters?

The Log4jShell vulnerability allows a remote code execution (RCE) attack where an attacker can remotely gain access and modify the logging configuration file to construct a malicious configuration. Log4jShell is now an extremely critical vulnerability according to NIST – CVE-2021-44228. 

The Cyber Safety Review Board classified Log4j as an endemic vulnerability. Hence, organizations need to gain visibility and identify which commercially procured or home-grown applications are vulnerable and then remediate with a security patch by upgrading to Log4j 2.3.2 (for Java6), Log4j 2.12.4(for Java 7), or Log4j 2.17.1(for Java 8 and above). 

CISA (Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Agency), a federal entity, has recommended that organizations need to perform a comprehensive analysis of their software inventory. Organizations should compare their installed software with vulnerable software listed in CISA’s Log4j database. Organizations should patch their systems immediately; if not, they should apply mitigation measures to minimize any impact from an exploit. If security admins can neither patch nor use mitigation measures, they should remove the asset from the network.  

How can we help?

Xcloud runs a deep scan on all your third-party libraries in a multi-cloud environment. It displays the vulnerabilities, including Log4jShell highlighting its priority and remediation plan. Once security teams patch the cloud infrastructure, they can continuously monitor their current and new third-party libraries.  

Xcloud can help rule out critical risks such as Log4j hidden deep in your home-grown and commercially purchased applications or libraries in your acquired software supply chain by providing instant coverage and complete visibility of your entire cloud environment and all workloads. It enables organizations to gain comprehensive security coverage for all workloads, so security teams do not miss any risks. It is highly automated to reduce the workload and burden on your security and development team.