Positive Security for your endpoints

Proactively protect your endpoints from breaches, malware, ransomware and zero-day attacks with a novel cloud-delivered approach that only allows company-sanctioned applications.



Realize the best return on investment

with Xprotect’s positive security model

Ensure business continuity

  • Protect against known and unknown attacks including ransomware, zero-day exploits, phishing, and fileless attacks
  • Enable proactive threat hunting and managed services by cyber security experts to ensure round-the-clock protection
  • Enable Zero impact on current tools and processes at endpoints, no restart and update of endpoints required
  • Enable continuous protection through lightweight self-contained agents, even when endpoints are offline

Unify endpoint protection under one platform

  • Adopt different levels of security based on the type and purpose of endpoints including fixed purpose systems (Point of Sale systems, ATMs, Medical Devices), general purpose systems, and sensitive data systems
  • Secure lockdown of legacy desktops, and servers that run unpatched software

Avoid alert fatigue, free up critical SoC resources

  • Reduce time and effort by enabling whitelisting, blacklisting, and configurable security rules to automatically enforce security rather than spending time on alerts
  • Centrally deploy and manage agents, security controls across thousands of endpoints in minutes and with minimum configuration effort


Proactive multi-layered security

reduces attack surface & security alerts

  • Provides instant visibility of all endpoints, applications, processes, threats

  • Embedded security feeds and process level trust scores to analyze and validate every running process and file

  • Visualize the chain of events and investigate threat behavior to lock down specific systems without impacting business operations

  • Simplified dynamic whitelisting and blacklisting capabilities to either allow only legitimate processes or block all bad processes

  • Embedded process level trust score validation engine to compare process threat scores with external sources

  • Control parent-child process relationships to prevent zero-day exploits and unusual process behavior such as network or file access

  • Prevent unauthorized software execution even from users with escalated privileges

  • Protect files by associating them with the specific process or applications, instead of being associated to the user

  • Define granular level security controls to restrict access to USB

  • Enforcement of same security controls and rules based on last update, even when endpoints are offline

  • Agents and security metrics are updated automatically when endpoints are back online


Augmented Services

for enterprise-grade endpoint security


Managed Services

Combine threat intelligence, endpoint hardening, malware containment, security monitoring, incident analysis and response


Monitoring & Policy Update

Update of whitelists, blacklists and security rules based on user and process behavior


Threat Hunting

Check for suspicious activities, stop spawning and propagation of malware

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