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Fixed-Function, Point-of-Sale, and Legacy Systems Protection

Fixed-function systems, such as point-of-sale (POS), and several legacy systems are vulnerable to advanced attacks that can cripple businesses instantly. To prevent financial losses associated with downtime, retailers need endpoint protection that works effectively to secure fixed-function and legacy systems, without requiring expensive patch upgrades or causing administration headaches.

ColorTokens Xprotect is a proactive endpoint protection solution based on zero trust principles. Xprotect works at the kernel level to detect and prevent unauthorized processes running on POS and fixed-function terminals, while also initiating alerts. This cloud-delivered solution provides powerful and customizable application control that allows only company-sanctioned applications to run — protecting endpoints from unknown and potentially dangerous cyberthreats.

Xprotect secures endpoints in offline environments to block advanced attacks such as ransomware and file-less malware. Transparent and ultra-lightweight, Xprotect does not require frequent patch updates.

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“Outstanding. Extraordinary visibility of network communication and extraordinary application-level protection for the Servers and end points.”


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