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Endpoint Lockdown

Zero trust endpoint protection to prevent malware execution and lateral movement


Endpoint attacks cost organizations millions of dollars every year. Endpoints, especially legacy or unpatched systems, and cloud workloads running mission-critical applications are vulnerable to zero-day and file-less attacks. Some endpoint security OEMs are even repurposing laptop and desktop antivirus solutions for servers and cloud workloads. Enterprises need endpoint security that addresses the unique requirements of servers and cloud workloads to protect them against advanced malware, ransomware, and unknown threats.

ColorTokens Xprotect applies a zero trust approach to endpoint protection, where only good application behavior is allowed, and nothing else. The running processes are analyzed with the whitelisted processes, and then combined with contextual behavioral analysis to detect suspicious activity. This authorization process enables Xprotect to secure legacy systems, cloud workloads, and unpatched systems independent of operating system and location.

ColorTokens Xprotect dashboard


Enable Zero Trust Security

ColorTokens Xprotect provides for granular process whitelisting, which secures applications against all unknown threats. Whitelisting enhances security by allowing the administrator to dictate behaviors, such as for parent and child processes and networks. In addition, Xprotect features like freeze mode make endpoints tamper-proof. File-protect controls process-level access to specific files or file types, and USB control helps achieve a proactive zero trust security posture.


Protect Windows and Linux Servers

ColorTokens Xprotect enables superior protection for enterprise servers running Microsoft Windows and Linux operating systems. It also secures legacy servers and endpoints that remain a critical part of many healthcare, financial, and other large organizations. Most of these legacy systems run on end-of-life, or unsupported, operating systems. Xprotect can lock down legacy endpoints and servers that run on an unsupported OS and secure them, saving hours of cumbersome and expensive patch management exercises.

Operate at Peak Performance

With Xprotect, businesses can run critical servers at peak performance while protecting against sophisticated threats. The ultra-lightweight agent provides instant protection and doesn’t require a system reboot. Xprotect delivers continuous protection even when the server is offline, and the centralized deployment and server management allows for swift enterprise-wide deployment.




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