The First Integrated Zero Trust Platform

Enables secure user access to applications and segments, vastly minimizes the
attack surface and eliminates lateral movement

Xaccess infographic

Zero Trust secure access from anywhere

  • Secure direct access to applications as an alternative to VPN

  • Access based on Zero Trust principle: full user authentication and device security posture verification before connection

  • Dark cloud: no inbound connections, applications invisible to hackers and unauthorized users

  • Augments or replaces VPN to achieve higher security and cloud scale access


Simplified deployment and seamless user experience

  • No infrastructure or architecture constraints

  • No VPN required for access, no network or firewall configuration changes

  • Seamless user onboarding and experience, both on and off the network

  • Seamless integration with multiple identity providers (Okta, Ping, Azure AD) for authentication and single sign-on

Secure access to cloud services and micro-segments

  • Zero Trust access to cloud infrastructure services and workload micro-segments for example, Kubernetes, AWS, Azure, S3 buckets etc.

  • Secure access to critical applications and application segments in data centers

  • Specialized access for IT admins and DevOps/developers to affect separation of duties



Xaccess Network Architecture

Corporate Apps Infrastructure Services Kubernetes AWS, Azure... S3 Buckets... CT Cloud IPSec IPSec Extended ZTNA Distributed Hybrid IT Resources CT Cloud CT Connector


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