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ColorTokens Announces Distribution Agreement with DataSolutions for UK and Ireland

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ColorTokens today announced that it has signed a distribution agreement with DataSolutions, the specialized distributor of innovative IT and security solutions for the UK and Ireland. The announcement comes as DataSolutions expands its operations and looks to bolster its roster of resellers. In addition, DataSolutions also announces the launch of its Fast Track Security Partner Acquisition Program, which will ensure resellers are equipped with the technical knowledge and understanding of new vendors in rapid time.

The core principles of education, support, and growth have fueled DataSolutions’ record 30% year-over-year growth for the past four years in the UK. The agreement with ColorTokens underscores its intentions to continue this trajectory and expand the security division of the business.

For DataSolutions partner resellers, the agreement with ColorTokens represents an excellent opportunity to offer a solution which targets critical concerns facing businesses as they adapt to enforced new ways of working. ColorTokens targets the 80% of network traffic flowing between systems within the enterprise perimeter, providing visibility into what is normal and what could be malicious activity. The ColorTokens Xtended ZeroTrust Platform delivers the deep visibility organisations require and allows them to adopt granular micro-segmentation to protect virtualised and cloud-hosted workloads and complements the perimeter security solutions already in place.

DataSolutions also announced the launch of its Fast Track Security Partner Acquisition Program. Aimed at fast tracking resellers’ knowledge, this will involve a series of webinars and virtual training events. DataSolutions will be launching ColorTokens to its UK partner base on May 28th with a virtual webinar launch that will feature Tony Scott, a former Federal CIO of the United States and Walt Disney Company CIO, currently serving as ColorTokens’ board member.

“We’re proud to be working with DataSolutions to build our partner base in the UK and Ireland,” says Lee Ealey-Newman, ColorTokens’ Vice President, Channel EMEA & APAC. “As DataSolutions enters 30 years of specialising in innovative IT technology, we look forward to leveraging their long-established experience to deliver a new generation of proactive security solutions across these regions.”

Michael O’Hara, Managing Director, DataSolutions, said: “ColorTokens is a great addition to our growing lineup of technology partners. The cybersecurity part of our business continues to grow, and our intention is to further establish this division over the next 12 months. For our existing resellers and those who may join our new initiative, forensic level security insight provides a great opportunity to provide businesses with a unique and compelling proposition. In addition, the ZeroTrust market is growing at 20% per annum and predicted to hit nearly $40 billion by 2024, so there is a significant revenue opportunity for partners.”

Award-winning DataSolutions offers partner resellers focused on the opportunities to supply end user businesses with the best in IT Security, Networking, Intelligent Workspace, and Hybrid Multi-Cloud solutions. DataSolutions’ portfolio of vendors and its commitment to customer service has seen the company significantly expand its customer base through referrals - highlighting its unique ability to offer what other, often bigger, distributors don’t: a specialist service which is both professional and personal.

For more information about DataSolutions, please visit www.datasolutions.co.uk

About ColorTokens
ColorTokens Inc., a leader in cloud-delivered zero-trust security, empowers global enterprises with a proactive approach to securing cloud workloads, dynamic applications, endpoints, and users. Through its award-winning Xtended ZeroTrust Platform, ColorTokens delivers products and services that help businesses accurately assess and drastically improve their security posture. For more information, please visit www.colortokens.com.

About Datasolutions
DataSolutions is a leading value-added distributor of transformational IT solutions in the UK and Ireland since 1991. Its vision is to identify, evaluate and source technologies which help resellers and their customers to build, secure, manage and access their hybrid and multi-cloud infrastructure.

DataSolutions is passionate about delivering the best levels of service in the industry to enable partners to grow, sell more and future proof their business. It is widely recognised for its excellence in sales and marketing support and are trusted experts for the technologies they provide.

DataSolutions’ vendor portfolio includes innovators within the rapidly expanding areas of IT Security, Networking, Intelligent Workspace and Hybrid Multi-Cloud. For further information please visit www.datasolutions.co.uk or follow us on Twitter @IEdatasolutions.

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