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Nitin Mehta

Cybersecurity During the Coronavirus Pandemic

A Note from Our CEO

As the coronavirus pandemic rages on, impacting more countries and communities seemingly every day, I know this is a difficult and stressful time. Be it personally or professionally, COVID-19 has already taken a significant toll on many people across the globe.

It's also clear that we owe an incredible depth of gratitude to those fighting the virus on the front lines. Medical professionals, law enforcement officers, local leaders, and volunteers have acted incredibly courageously and selflessly to protect their communities and slow the virus' spread.

Although it’s been heartening to see people across the globe come together in this difficult time, cybercriminals have, unfortunately, doubled down. There’s been a significant rise in cyberattacks during the pandemic (likely stemming from the shift to remote work), taxing already-stressed IT departments.

We at ColorTokens want to do our part to help business who may be struggling to stay ahead of the spike in cyber crime. We’ve decided to offer an extended no-obligation free trial of our network visualization and endpoint protection solutions to any business in need during the pandemic. We know this is a relatively small gesture considering the massive impact COVID-19 is having on all parts of business and society, but we hope it helps.

Feel free to reach out to us [email protected] if we can do anything to lend a hand. And on behalf of everyone at ColorTokens, we wish you all the best during this unprecedented time.

Nitin Mehta

ColorTokens CEO and Co-Founder

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