Partner Program Overview

Designed to deliver unparalleled customer value and accelerated mutual growth by harnessing partner expertise and ColorTokens cybersecurity technology.

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ColorTokens plays well with others. Our integrations help you simplify your cybersecurity operations and multiply the value of your existing investments. We offer several out-of-the-box integrations, listed below, and we support ad-hoc integrations with our open API.

Xshield gathers comprehensive information from our integration partners tools and technologies, enriching your intelligence about assets, identities, vulnerabilities, and threats, to make your organization Breach Ready.

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Xshield integrates with SEIM tools to help you recognize and address potential security threats and vulnerabilities. You can use this information to trigger microsegmentation templates to isolate critical systems and quarantine compromised ones before they can disrupt business operations.


Connect any of your SIEM tools that support data in CEF format.

Vulnerability Assessment

Seamlessly integrate vulnerability assessment tools into the Xshield console to continuously monitor and assess your security posture, enabling proactive identification and remediation of potential security risks and vulnerabilities.


Extend ColorTokens Xshield™ coverage to operational technology (OT) and Internet of Things (IoT) devices by integrating specialized solutions, enabling comprehensive security controls and threat mitigation within industrial and IoT environments.

Identity Provider

Integrate with leading identity providers to authenticate and authorize user access within ColorTokens Xshield™ framework, ensuring granular control and compliance enforcement based on user identities across diverse applications and resources.


Integrate the ColorTokens Xshield™ platform with Configuration Management Database (CMDB) systems to dynamically map and enforce security policies based on real-time asset configurations, ensuring accurate and up-to-date security posture management across your IT infrastructure.


Leverage a diverse range of connectors to seamlessly integrate ColorTokens Xshield™ with various cloud providers, virtualization platforms, and network infrastructure, facilitating centralized policy enforcement and streamlined security management across heterogeneous IT landscapes.

User Provisioning

Streamline user onboarding and access management processes by integrating user provisioning systems with the ColorTokens Xshield™ platform, ensuring efficient enforcement of access policies and reducing administrative overhead.

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