Cybersecurity for Retail Organizations

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Some of today’s biggest retail security challenges include:

  • Poor visibility across data centers and cloud applications
  • Rising advanced attacks on the cardholder data environment (CDE)
  • Supply chain attacks where cybercriminals target third-party networks to access the retailer’s crown jewels
  • Unsupported point of sales (POS) systems
  • Growing costs of noncompliance and protecting brand reputation

ColorTokens’ cloud-based security platform prevents the spread of breaches by protecting and isolating back-end servers, cloud application workloads, endpoints, and retail payment systems. Real-time visibility helps the retail security team visualize the entire network and communication between them, thereby incorporating visual mapping into their monthly/quarterly/annual reporting to demonstrate real-time workload compliance.


Visibility into Your Retail Network

Get granular cross-segment traffic visibility across your distributed retail stores, on-premise POS, cloud application workloads, and data center servers. With complete visibility, you can easily segment traffic across headquarters and retail outlets


The Life of POS System

Protect POS machines, independent of the operating system (OS), making them tamper resistant. Eliminate the need for expensive and cumbersome OS or application patches. ColorTokens also enables you to perform process-level lockdown and protect POS terminals from malware and RAM scrapers. One-click encryption ensures point-to-point encryption and lock down of the POS system


Critical Assets from Insider and Outsider Threat

WA large amount of sensitive data collected between retailers, POS, and the back office is accessed by customers, partners, vendors, and employees. Escalate security with multi-level authentication that works with device and user levels. ColorTokens provides a unified view of who is accessing which application and from where.

Compliance Audits

Meet Compliance Mandate with Ease

The cost of noncompliance to retailers is colossal. ColorTokens helps retailers comply with mandates such as PCI-DSS by securing and isolating cardholders’ data. The solution can reduce the scope of PCI audits by showing exactly which systems in the data center and retail stores process and store cardholder data. With complete granular visibility, retailers can view and eliminate any blind spots. This also eliminates the need to compile and document thousands of firewall rules and ACL lists.

Isolate Critical Segments

Isolate Critical Segments

Secure critical assets such as cardholder data, CRM, and active directory. Create logical segments with ease across the hybrid infrastructure without requiring VLAN/ACLs or complex rules and configurations. Centralize security enforcement across hybrid and multi-cloud environments

Case Study

Multi-Billion Dollar Retail Customer Meets PCI-DSS Compliance Requirements