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Breach Readiness for Manufacturing Technology with Microsegmentation

Traditionally, cybersecurity has been viewed as an information technology (IT) problem — not an operational technology (OT) concern. That’s because many OT systems were never connected to the outside world, so security attacks were internal rather than external. However, now industrial control systems (ICS) and supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems are converging with IT environments. This new landscape now exposes the manufacturing technology sector to both IT-based attacks and OT exploits, making it a target for hackers involved in terrorism, cyber warfare, and espionage.

While companies strive to maintain operational efficiency, enhance productivity, and adhere to compliance mandates, they can’t overlook cybersecurity.

ColorTokens Xshield Enterprise Microsegmentation™ Platform enables enterprises to protect vital OT systems by simplifying the security of complex OT environments. The platform’s versatility and intuitive UI also empower IT security staff to strengthen OT defenses — so there’s no need to learn a new, OT-specific security tool.

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Protecting Industry 4.0 Using Microsegmentation


In this white paper, Chris Steffen, VP of Research at EMA, writes how breach readiness is increasingly important for Operational Technology/Industrial Control Systems.

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White Paper

Unlock Industrial Security with Microsegmentation for OT Systems


Discover how microsegmentation protects OT/ICS systems. Download our white paper to learn about breach readiness, risk mitigation, and more.

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Case study

Apparel Brands Strengthens Breach Defense with ColorTokens


The leading apparel brand turned to ColorTokens for a cybersecurity strategy that would significantly elevate its security posture and safeguard critical data across a wide range of assets.

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