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Breach Readiness for Energy & Oil and Gas with Microsegmentation

Critical Infrastructure

Elimination of air-gapped security and the IoT proliferation to cut down manpower and operational costs and improve efficiency have exposed critical infrastructures to cybercriminals. The energy sector, Dams, Defense services, Airports etc. rely heavily on technology and automation for access controls, surveillance, staff management, ticketing, check-ins, and personnel authentication to streamline operations.

Possession of sensitive data, control of critical functions, and regular interaction with third-party vendors make the cybersecurity landscape quite complex for these entities. Any single instance of a cyberattack on a country’s critical infrastructure can have widespread consequences beyond financial and reputational loss.

ColorTokens provides a unified and platform-agnostic security solution that will scale along with the rapidly changing digitization projects while reducing operational complexity. ColorTokens’ Xshield Enterprise Microsegmentation Platform empowers a country’s critical infrastructure to stay a step ahead of emerging cyber risks.

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The Most Challenging Security Challenges Facing Critical Infrastructure

Architectural silos due to multiple security solutions decrease operational efficiency

Risk of vendor and third-party introduced vulnerabilities

Advanced persistent threats (APTs) that move laterally across networks

Need for agile security architecture to protect hybrid, multi-cloud environment, third party integrations as well as traditional on-premises services

Undetected insider attacks and information leakage that lead to monetary loss, regulatory actions, and business disruption

Absence of trained security professionals and expertise to help strengthen security posture



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