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Breach Readiness for Pharmaceutical & Life Sciences with Microsegmentation

Protect intellectual property, manufacturing automation, and critical business systems with microsegmentation for IT and OT systems


Protect the research and the recipe

ColorTokens Xshield lets you protect your intellectual property in systems such as Electronic Lab Notebooks (e-Lab), Lab Information Management Systems (LIMS), and production systems. You can rest easy knowing that your precious research data is protected with zero-trust microsegmentation.

Protect the research and the recipe
Protect Operational Technology (OT)

Protect Operational Technology (OT)

Xshield stops lateral movement of malware between your IT and OT networks. It lets you enforce zero trust traffic controls to isolate your Industrial Control Systems. The Xshield Gatekeeper appliance enables you to establish micro-perimeters around your OT devices without installing agents.

Protect critical business systems

Ring-fence your crown-jewel applications so you can continue critical business processes despite an attack. Zero trust microsegmentation lets you protect your customer and partner data, and critical business systems such as ERP, CRM, General Ledger and HCM systems.

Protect critical business systems
Third-party risk

Defend against third-party risk

You need to collaborate with your partners and supply chain, and that increasingly requires you to give them access to your systems. Partners bring cyber risk with them when they connect to your network. With ColorTokens, you can control their access to applications and resources and prevent the movement of malware from their systems to yours.

Protect legacy systems & devices

ColorTokens’ gateway appliance lets you enforce microsegmentation policies for mainframes, legacy operating systems, and out-of-support applications that may still be important to your business processes. The appliance can be deployed as a discrete hardware device or as a virtual machine in your data center.

Protect legacy systems & devices
Ransomware resiliency

Increase ransomware resiliency

With Xshield, you can make your environment breach-ready…by design. You can prevent the lateral spread of ransomware after an initial compromise to contain the damage before it becomes a crisis. You can keep critical systems online, quarantine compromised assets, and isolate critical resources despite and attack.

Here’s Why Pharma Organizations recommend ColorTokens.


- BioTech firm SOC lead


- Pharma Company VP of IT


– Group Head of IT, BioTech firm

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ColorTokens provides cybersecurity solutions tailored to the pharmaceutical industry's digital transformation, mitigating vulnerabilities in IT-OT network connectivity through a zero-trust security model, thus advancing therapeutic innovations and production efficiency.

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How the Xshield Enterprise Microsegmentation Platform(TM) Protects Bio-Tech Firms


Leading biotechnology company selects ColorTokens to protect legacy infrastructure, enhancing security posture. ColorTokens' solution prevents unauthorized network connections, reduces attack surface by 90%, blast radius by 80%, and enables agile policy management. The company plans to expand ColorTokens' deployment to additional systems, highlighting the success and trust in the partnership.

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Be Breach-Ready: Exploring Microsegmentation's Role in Cyber Defense Strategies


Discover how microsegmentation strengthens cyber defense strategies, offering proactive guidance for preventing and containing breaches. Through real breach analyses and regulatory insights, readers gain valuable knowledge to deploy effective security measures and protect their organizations from cyber threats.

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