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Securing Point of Sale Systems

Ensuring business continuity for retailers

Securing Point of Sale Systems

Point of Sale systems are crucial for modern retailers, but securing them while achieving business efficiencies is challenging for many reasons:

  • POS systems operate with very low-power CPUs. Running traditional heavy agent-based endpoint protection can cripple POS terminals.
  • Retailers don’t typically operate in high-bandwidth environments. Signature-based antivirus tools can choke existing bandwidth, leading to transaction delays and a less than optimal customer experience.
  • Retail employees are also a challenge, with frequent turnover, lack of security awareness, and even a tendency to access non-work-related sites or apps from company devices all posing threats to POS system security.

Request “Securing Point of Sale Systems: Ensuring Business Continuity for Retailers” now to learn more about retail POS security problems and how ColorTokens’ Xprotect is a modern, light solution that employs a zero-trust approach to protect against these and other retail vulnerabilities.

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