New Generation of Cybersecurity for Healthcare Organizations

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Healthcare providers are one of the top target for attackers. The most significant cybersecurity breach on an Indian healthcare provider website resulted in a loss of 68 lakh (6.8 million) records. The data loss contained patient information, patient personally identifiable information (PII), and doctor information, doctor PII and credentials. The attacks have been attributed to Chinese advanced persistent threat (APT) groups that are focused on targeting biomedical, pharmaceutical, and healthcare organizations.

Why Healthcare Providers are Targeted

The increasing frequency and volume of attacks on healthcare providers are due to:

  • Lack of proactive approach to security standards
  • Use of unpatched and vulnerable legacy systems by healthcare providers
  • Easy and unauthorized access to the patient database
  • Information leakage by a malicious insider or an intruder

ColorTokens Security Solutions for Healthcare Organizations

ColorTokens understands the unique challenges facing today’s modern healthcare market – delivering one, unified security platform to protect hybrid clouds, applications, workloads, virtual machines, and connected legacy and modern-day endpoint devices against advanced malware and targeted attacks.

Built on a zero-trust architecture, ColorTokens Xtended Zero Trust Platform proactively secures cloud workloads, bare metal servers, virtual machines, application environments, and endpoints from internal and external threat actors. ColorTokens protects high-value assets from zero-day attacks, fileless attacks and malware, ransomware, and advanced persistent threats.

Xshield: Unparalleled Visibility, PCI-DSS Compliance, Microsegmentation

  • Get granular visibility of all managed resources. Provide S&R teams with flow data statistics and threat intelligence for forensics, reporting, and dashboarding
  • Audit VLAN/ACL policy violations. See misconfigured firewall ports and block suspicious connections to critical servers
  • Visual policy authoring enables S&R teams to isolate and control data flow – thereby fortifying critical healthcare data from stealthy APT and targeted lateral attacks
  • Consistent, secure user access to micro-segmented applications from inside the multi-campus hospital, or from outside the hospital network
  • Micro-segment critical assets to reduce the scope of compliance audits – delivering cost savings, operational efficiencies, and faster-time-to compliance

Xprotect: Lockdown Legacy and Unpatched Endpoints

  • Protects all managed endpoints from fileless attacks, ransomware, and other advanced malware
  • The modern and robust signature-less approach helps healthcare providers worry less about end-of-life legacy, unpatched, and unsupported endpoints
  • Avoid frequent patch management, as well as the overhead of operating system refresh cycles

How ColorTokens Protects Healthcare Organizations

The ColorTokens healthcare solution integrates with market-leading vulnerability assessment and security intelligence tools to provide up-to-date and holistic security. The key benefits ColorTokens provides healthcare organizations with are:

  • Unrivaled visibility: Cross-segment traffic visibility across application workloads, endpoints, virtual machines and containers
  • APT protection: Protection against advanced persistent threats that move laterally, and block unauthorized access to sensitive information: ePHI, PCI and PII data
  • Continuous assurance: Comply with HIPAA, PCI-DSS, GDPR requirements
  • Simplified system audits: Audit HIS applications, VLAN/ACLs and firewall rules, ePHI with flow data visibility
  • Legacy system protection: Comprehensive security for legacy and modern-day endpoints in a hybrid cloud or on-premise environments

The ColorTokens Xtended Zero Trust platform provides a holistic security solution for healthcare organizations to protect both modern and legacy systems from advanced threats and zero-day attacks.