COVID and Cybersecurity:

Threats, Trends, and Predictions

On-demand Webinar

August, 2020

Experts say that 2020 could be the wildest year in cybersecurity in a long time. As businesses grapple with the challenges of operating during the COVID-19 pandemic, hackers are targeting end-users with social engineering tactics to exploit vulnerabilities and compromise data.

Join the webinar COVID and Cybersecurity: Threats, Trends, and Predictions for a deep dive into the latest research about the nature of today’s increasingly complex cyber threats – and how your organization can secure its critical assets.


  • How cyber threats are evolving due to the Coronavirus pandemic

  • How you can establish a secure workplace, even with employees going remote

  • How ColorTokens leverages Webroot data to better protect customers

  • Why ColorTokens’ award-winning micro-segmentation product can help you thwart potentially dangerous lateral threats


Valerie Wrenholt

Valerie Wrenholt

Manager of OEM Partner Enablement


Satyam Tyagi

Satyam Tyagi

Senior Director Products

ColorTokens Inc

Valerie Wrenholt is the Manager of OEM Partner Enablement for Carbonite + Webroot at OpenText. Valerie has over 15+ years of experience in consulting, application development, and security. She has worked on many large, integrated software and security solutions in the financial services vertical. Over the past 5 years, she has  worked exclusively with Webroot’s more than 100 OEM partners on integrations of BrightCloud Threat Intelligence Services.

Satyam Tyagi is the Senior Director of Product Management at ColorTokens Inc. He is an industry thought leader in security and networking, responsible for significant advances in endpoint, mobile and application security. He was awarded four patents in application security and networking, including products sold by Cisco and Avaya. He holds a Master’s in Computer Science from the University of North Texas and Bachelor’s in Computer Science and Engineering from IIT (BHU).

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