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Webinar: Microsegmentation Strategies for Healthcare Resilience

This webinar qualifies for continuing education credits

Healthcare organizations are entrusted with sensitive patient data, making them a prime target for cyberattacks.  While breaches are inevitable, ensuring that patient data is not compromised is paramount.  Traditional cybersecurity measures such as firewalls and antivirus software are effective but are not beyond compromise.  How can we protect sensitive data when these defenses fail?

Join us for an informative webinar on how microsegmentation can provide the last line of defense and make healthcare organizations breach ready.

Key topics covered:

  • A case study of securing EPIC® electronic medical records software.
  • Examining the unique security challenges faced by healthcare organizations.
  • How Microsegmentation differs from traditional network security methods.
  • The Benefits of Microsegmentation in Healthcare.
  • Best practices for implementing Microsegmentation in healthcare environments.

Don’t miss this opportunity to fortify your healthcare organization’s defenses against evolving cyber threats.


Venky Raju

Venky Raju

Field CTO
ColorTokens Inc


Venky Raju has a strong background in computer networking, software development, and cybersecurity. He has led R&D teams across the globe developing leading-edge networking solutions, smartphone platforms, and connected applications.

Wendell Bobst

Wendell Bobst

Partner & Principal Consultant


Wendell has over 28 years of experience in healthcare IT, and over 20 years of leadership in information systems, strategic initiatives, and security. Wendell is a Certified Information Security Manager (CISM) whose key areas of expertise include enterprise risk management, virtual CISO, cybersecurity advisory and tactical services, HIPAA strategies, identity access management and audit solutions, call center security, and IT solutions.