Complete Guide to Zero Trust Adoption



November, 2021

Zero Trust, the concept of “never trust, always verify,” has progressed beyond hype to practical implementation. Today, it is viewed as a strategic cybersecurity initiative that organizations must embrace if they are to prevent cyberattacks and remain profitable and productive. Yet many organizations struggle to understand where to begin their Zero Trust journey, and how to reap the benefits of a Zero Trust framework in their network.

In this webcast, Forrester Senior Analyst David Holmes, who advises security and risk professionals about strategy, architecture, and Zero Trust, and ColorTokens COO Vats Srivatsan discuss the state of Zero Trust in enterprises, where organizations should focus as they plan their Zero Trust journey, and how to overcome business hurdles to reap the benefits of a successful Zero Trust implementation.

In this webcast, you will hear:

  • Recommendations on what approach organizations should take to ensure a successful Zero Trust implementation

  • The key pillars (tools and technologies) of planning and implementing a Zero Trust security strategy

  • How Zero Trust segmentation can be your best internal network defense against ransomware

  • Blockers that inhibit Zero Trust adoption

  • Micro-segmentation best practices


David Holmes

David Holmes

Senior Analyst,


Vats Srivatsan

Vats Srivatsan

President and Chief Operating Officer,

ColorTokens Inc

David Holmes is a senior analyst at Forrester, advising security and risk professionals about strategy, architecture, and Zero Trust. His coverage includes security architecture (Zero Trust edge, SASE, microsegmentation, Zero Trust network access), network security controls (firewalls, automated malware sandbox analysis, IDS/IPS), distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) protection, DNS security, and encryption of data in transit. He helps security leaders plan Zero Trust implementations, select cybersecurity controls, and understand new mitigation technologies. David has presented at industry conferences like RSA, Infosec Europe, and the Australian Cybersecurity Conference. He has written regularly for industry magazines on cryptography, malware, and the security community.

Vats Srivatsan is President and Chief Operating Officer at ColorTokens. Srivatsan brings in three decades of experience, including executive roles at leading companies, like Palo Alto Networks, Google and Mckinsey & Co. Most recently, Vats was Chief Strategy Officer at Palo Alto Networks, where he helped the company pivot from firewalls into Cloud security and data analytics through acquisition and integration of 10+ cybersecurity companies within 2.5 years. Previously, Srivatsan played a pivotal role in scaling Google Cloud from the initial business case to a multibillion-dollar business. As head of global business operations, he set up Google Cloud’s core commercial engine, pricing, contracting, and global footprint expansion and founded the Advanced Solutions Lab for AI/ML solutions. Srivatsan has also served as Corporate Vice President at Motorola Mobility, a partner at McKinsey & Co., and held key positions at Dell and Intel.

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