Zero Trust for the Enterprise:

Where should you begin your journey

On-demand Webinar

April, 2021

Let’s face it. Traditional perimeter-based security approaches are fast becoming irrelevant. While CISOs understand the need for a holistic security strategy, they are often faced with a few challenges that is building a resistance to adopt the effective approach of Zero Trust. Where should enterprises begin the adoption? How can they involve their board? How can they move beyond tools and tech?

Join us with Dr. Chase Cunningham, AKA Dr Zero Trust, a noted industry expert and the originator of the Zero Trust eXtended Ecosystem framework, as he takes us through why Zero Trust is the way forward.

  • Why legacy security systems will fail

  • Key business imperatives that are changing the way you need to think about security

  • What are the benefits of implementing Zero Trust Architecture? How does it improve a business’ security posture?

  • Zero Trust Implementation strategy with best practices for enterprises.



Dr. Chase Cunningham

Zero Trust Strategic Advisor


Raja Ukil

SVP of Enterprise Business

ColorTokens Inc


Ryan Parthasarathy

Business Head – Cybersecurity, Americas

Tech Mahindras


Anand Dutta

Global Head Alliances, Cybersecurity

Tech Mahindras

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