Zero Trust:

The only way to tackle new-age security challenges

On-Demand Webinar

September, 2021


People, processes, and systems that constitute a great business are internal within an enterprise. Risks, on the other hand, exist outside the enterprise network and ecosystem, lurking to impact the enterprise. A single breach can compromise your business’s data, customer trust, and business longevity.

While there’s quite a bit of awareness and press around the increase in cyberthreats across the globe, it is also true that the magnitude of such attacks is often underestimated. And the cost implications for the company are often overlooked. Flat networks present challenges, and legacy systems remain unsecured. Until a zero-day attack, when everything comes to a halt, conventional methods fail, and you lose control over your security posture.

With the ever-evolving threat landscape, the risks to businesses have only increased over the years. Highly sophisticated cyberattacks compromise existing systems in ways more than one.

Watch the webinar to explore and understand why and how enterprises should upgrade to Zero Trust with a cloud-delivered, infrastructure-agnostic platform.


Satyavrat Mishra

Satyavrat Mishra

AVP Corporate IT,

Godrej Industries Limited

Raja Ukil

Raja Ukil

SVP of Enterprise Business

ColorTokens Inc

Known for strategic IT transformations and positively impacting viability & performance; he comes with 2 decades of experience in Fashion Retail, Manufacturing, FMCG and Financial Services.

Strategic technology executive behind rapid, ROI backed advances in organizational capability and performance; Authority for organization-wide growth planning and solutions that fosters IT-Business collaborations, drive controls and intensify cost savings. IT Evangelist and fiscally aware leader, sought to design vision and head all aspects of IT Strategy & Planning, IT Operations, IT Infrastructure & Cybersecurity while steering digital transformations. Leveraged expertise as a cross-functional strategist in meeting business demands against concurrent resource consolidation.

Raja Ukil is a globally recognized cybersecurity leader and CIO 100 Hall of Fame honoree. Raja recently joined ColorTokens after nearly two decades as an executive with Wipro, where he served as CIO as well as Global Head of Cybersecurity and Risk Services. His current focus is leveraging his wealth of cybersecurity expertise to help ColorTokens serve customers around the world.

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