How Can CISOs and Security Teams Steer Enterprises to Safety?

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December, 2021

The Log4j vulnerability was discovered on Dec 9th and is being sounded as one of the biggest cybersecurity flaws ever discovered. Not only does this vulnerability affect almost everyone, but more importantly solving for it can take weeks. The Log4j vulnerability has debilitated systems by allowing attackers to execute code remotely and gain access to Apache servers. This has serious implications on businesses and users and provides a huge opportunity for cybercriminals to exploit this vulnerability.

Tune into this webinar where we break down Log4Shell (Log4j vulnerability) with a live demo and provide the approach you can take to secure your business from this and potential vulnerabilities in the future.

What you will learn:

  • How Log4Shell works and the various ways it can be exploited

  • Live demo of an attack through Log4j exploitation

  • How does a micro-segmentation-led Zero trust approach help safeguard against such zero-day attacks?

  • Live demo of a Log4Shell-based attack in a Zero Trust environment

  • How ColorTokens can help find and fix Log4Shell and other such vulnerabilities



Venky Raju

Principal Solutions Architect,

ColorTokens Inc

Venky Raju has a strong background in computer networking, software development, and cybersecurity. He has led R&D teams across the globe developing leading-edge networking solutions, smartphone platforms, and connected applications.

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