Set It and Forget It:

Automated Cybersecurity from ColorTokens


November, 2020

Join Mike Gable, ColorTokens Vice President and cybersecurity expert, to learn how your business can automate security even if you have limited resources and budget. Learn the root causes of most breaches and how ColorTokens helps you address each one — even if you can’t spend millions on cybersecurity.

Our 30-minute presentation will cover:

  • The one-word reason behind nearly every breach (spoiler alert, it’s “Trust”)

  • Simple English (no jargon) explanations of the security challenges and how to address them

  • The benefits of automated security vs. legacy approaches


Mike Gamble

Mike Gable

Vice President,

ColorTokens Inc

Mike Gable is an accomplished cybersecurity professional who helped establish Trend Micro as a player in the Enterprise Data Center market and developed messaging and GTM strategies for several rising vendors.

He joined ColorTokens in 2020 to drive U.S. business. Mike has expertise in all customer-facing disciplines, having built and run enterprise sales, professional services, pre-sales, inside sales, and technical support teams. He has the mind of a financial analyst, the heart of a salesman, and the soul of a techie.

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