Effective and Cost-Efficient Security

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September, 2020

Among the many challenges security leaders face in today’s COVID-19 world is the one-two punch of growing cyber threats and shrinking budgets. Micro-segmentation has emerged as a technology that can address both of these issues. It helps organizations defend against potentially unauthorized and dangerous east-west traffic – without requiring significant internal resources to manage.

Join Horizon CIO Network Chair Mark Chillingworth and ColorTokens’ Raja Ukil, SVP of Enterprise Business, for a deep dive into how and why micro-segmentation can make security more robust while keeping management costs low.

Will Discuss:

  • Why zero-trust architecture is the best way to prevent breaches and ransomware attacks

  • Why micro-segmentation is faster, simpler, and more agile than traditional security methods

  • How micro-segmentation enables organizations to visualize network traffic and reduce the attack surface

  • How micro-segmentation improves organzations’ security posture while being cost effective


Mark Chillingworth

Mark Chillingworth

Horizon CIO Network Chair

Raja Ukil

Raja Ukil

SVP of Enterprise Business

ColorTokens Inc

Mark Chillingworth is the chair of the Horizon CIO Network. Mark has been the community editor for CIOs since 2008, creating the CIO 100, CIO Summit, and the U.K.’s first CIO podcast. He now writes CIO material for the U.K.’s leading business technology titles and ghost writes for a number of CIOs and business leaders.

Raja Ukil is a globally recognized cybersecurity leader and CIO 100 Hall of Fame honoree. Raja recently joined ColorTokens after nearly two decades as an executive with Wipro, where he served as CIO as well as Global Head of Cybersecurity and Risk Services. His current focus is leveraging his wealth of cybersecurity expertise to help ColorTokens serve customers around the world.

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