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Webinar: The Breach Defense Mandate: Guide to Being Breach Ready!

This discussion will include key insights from Erik Bosmans , CEO of Netcure, and Berry De Jong, Regional Director at ColorTokens, on the current state of ransomware attacks, on Being Breach Ready and implementing microsegmentation in your environment.

Join us for an informative webinar on how microsegmentation can provide the last line of defense and make your organization breach ready.

Discussion Topics:

  • Current state of ransomware attacks and how to protect against it.
  • Are you Breach Ready? How can ColorTokens and Netcure help and support you.
  • How to be Breach Ready – Role of ColorTokens and Netcure to implement microsegmentation.


Erik Bosmans

Erik Bosmans

CEO – Netcure


Erik Bosmans is the CEO of Netcure and is “Crazy about cybersecurity”. He has spent more than 25 years in the ICT industry, gaining experiences in areas such as cybersecurity, network and cloud technology. He has participated in numerous projects including several in an international context. Netcure’s philosophy is to be a partner rather than a supplier. Therefore, Erik believes it is important to adhere to the following values;

  • Always personal
  • Independent specialist
  • Trusted advisor
  • Solution oriented

In his spare time, he enjoys sailing and makes an effort to play golf 😊.

Berry de Jong

Berry de Jong

Regional Director – Sales


Berry de Jong is an industry veteran with more than 30 years’ experience in IT, covering networking and security, in various roles. He has worked at companies like 3Com, Foundry Networks, Brocade, IBM, Extreme Networks, Fortinet and McAfee, supporting both enterprise and service-provider customers in a sales, consultancy approach. Due to his knowledge of the market, security landscape and technology he is an appreciated speaker at industry events. Since January 2022 Berry has joined ColorTokens as Regional Sales Director. ColorTokens is a young company offering an unique SaaS based solution for Zero Trust based on the NIST SP 800-207 principles. ColorTokens solutions will simplify, speed-up and automate Zero Trust Architecture implementation at enterprise customers, especially within hybrid cloud/ IT&OT environments.

Netcure has an expertise in information and cyber security for nearly 25 years. We focus mainly on preventive measures and early detection of indicators of a possible presence of cybercriminals within a network. With a good understanding of the methods used by cybercriminals, one can greatly reduce and control the consequences of a cyber attack. And this by using multiple layers of detection and defense. This is why Netcure has partner relationships with manufacturers such as Colortokens that are heavily committed to this.

ColorTokens, the leading enterprise microsegmentation company, stops the lateral spread of ransomware and malware within an organization’s diverse network topology. The ColorTokens Enterprise microsegmentation platform visualizes traffic flows between workloads, devices, and the internet, enforces granular micro-perimeters to stop unauthorized traffic, and isolates crown-jewel assets and compromised systems in response to a breach.