Security 2023: What to expect?

As the cyber transformation leads to better effectiveness of hackers’ activities, there is no time to lose!

With more and more data being fed online, cybersecurity is a major concern for governments and companies of all sizes alike. Simultaneously, hackers are able to exploit vulnerabilities in the infrastructure and do it even more precisely. The financial, operational, legal and reputational implications are mammoth if cybersecurity risks are neglected.

Therefore, during this presentation, Paula Januszkiewicz will demonstrate how hackers and cybercriminals identify and exploit threats in a new-fashioned way, so you will be able to prevent it in the future. You will also become familiar with evolving cybercriminal techniques including social engineering & phishing, Malware injecting devices, password cracking, credential theft techniques, ransomware distribution methods, and gaining access to vendor-controlled systems. Join Paula to understand what is possible in the cyber world as we enter 2023.

You’ll learn about:​

  • What is the threat landscape on the eve of 2023 and why you need a proper Incident Response Plan.
  • How hackers exploit vulnerabilities in the infrastructure and what are the most likely threats of the upcoming year.
  • What are the key techniques to prevent these attacks and secure your infrastructure.
  • How cybercriminals use the remote working environment to their advantage and why every employee in the organization is the first line of defense when it comes to protecting your business.


Ulrich Rysgaard

Ulrich Rysgaard

Sr. Strategic Security Advisor | ColorTokens Inc – Nordic Region


Ulrich Rysgaard is a Sr. strategic security advisor and is the Management Executive of the Nordic/Scandinavian Region for ColorTokens. He is a former Microsoft – Security & Cloud Technology Strategist; Verizon Enterprise – Business Solutions Exec and Intel Corp. – R&D PM & developer, among others

Paula Januszkiewicz

Paula Januszkiewicz

CEO, Cybersecurity Expert | CQURE Inc


Paula Januszkiewicz is a security expert and the founder and CEO of CQURE, an IT and cybersecurity consulting company that conducts IT security audits and penetration testing. Paula is a Cloud and Datacenter Management Microsoft MVP and an honorable Microsoft Regional Director for CEE. She is a popular speaker at global conferences, including the Gartner Security Summit. At RSA 2017 both of her sessions were named among the five hottest talks, and her Black Hat presentation was voted Best of Black Hat Asia Briefings 2019.


December 13th




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